Tuesday, October 19

A Social Experiment - Set-up

I'm visiting Abel and Haron this weekend and really looking forward to it, my last visit was a rushed affair so the chance to just hang out will lovely. I'll also get to see Eliane whom I haven't seen in forever so that's doubly exciting (especially as we're going to a show where we can sing the fake Lowewood hymn to our hearts content!).

In an interesting first, I will be working from home, i.e. Abel and Haron's house on Friday. Abel never one to miss an opportunity, has requested I bring my school uniform with me and decreed that I shall be in detention all day, that he'll be checking my work at regular intervals with painful consequences if I'm found lacking.

And, in a funny coincidence and totally without knowing of Abel's request,  Haron blogged earlier in the week about how she's been wearing her uniform and pondering whether she'll find any miscreants to deal with. So no doubt prefect Haron will also be checking my work with similar outcomes!

I have to admit it's a terrific fantasy and a lovely idea. But I have my doubts as to well it will turn out. When I'm working I'm in control, focused and determined.  It's not the right headspace to be/pretend to be submissive. I'm also less likely to be hyper and playful and bratty. None of which bodes well for this type of scene!

So will I be capable of submitting to punishment on whatever trumped up charges they present? Will I be able to relax and enjoy it? Or am I likely to make rude gestures at Abel and pay for my sins at the conclusion of the working day?

Who knows but I guess there's only one way to find out!

Saturday, October 16

A cane for me!

My last trip to London was quite a rushed affair. I arrived late on Friday night to a lovely dinner and much needed fussing and hugs from Abel and Haron. Then Saturday we had a lovey afternoon at Jessica and HWMBO's house with a fab lunch and time to get to know our fellow Regency party friends. Before we tore ourselves away to dash into London to go to the London Alternative Market and dinner with Catherine. By the time I flew out relatively early on Sunday I was a happy if somewhat dizzy girl!

It didn't leave much time for play except for a brief period on Sunday morning. Abel (surprise, surprise) had picked up a few new implements at the LAM and was keen to try them out. I'm sure you can picture him as he purveyed all the implements, before selecting the choicest of canes and then making first me, then Catherine bend over to try them out. In the end he bought a beautiful dragon cane (for me) and a Singapore cane (for Cath) as well as a rattan cane (for everybody!). All from Jack's Floggers. We were all very impressed with the range and quality of the implements and Abel has since bought more online!

So just before I left it was time to try out the dragon cane properly, and I have to admit I liked it very much. It's quite thin and whippy for a dragon, but still has that proper burn afterwards. It's beautifully made and finished with a lovely handle. Abel and Haron both took turns in administering and I'm sure you'll agree they striped me beautifully.

I liked the cane so much so that I decided I wanted to keep it and it will be making its way over to me in Dublin very soon. My first ever cane!