Tuesday, October 19

A Social Experiment - Set-up

I'm visiting Abel and Haron this weekend and really looking forward to it, my last visit was a rushed affair so the chance to just hang out will lovely. I'll also get to see Eliane whom I haven't seen in forever so that's doubly exciting (especially as we're going to a show where we can sing the fake Lowewood hymn to our hearts content!).

In an interesting first, I will be working from home, i.e. Abel and Haron's house on Friday. Abel never one to miss an opportunity, has requested I bring my school uniform with me and decreed that I shall be in detention all day, that he'll be checking my work at regular intervals with painful consequences if I'm found lacking.

And, in a funny coincidence and totally without knowing of Abel's request,  Haron blogged earlier in the week about how she's been wearing her uniform and pondering whether she'll find any miscreants to deal with. So no doubt prefect Haron will also be checking my work with similar outcomes!

I have to admit it's a terrific fantasy and a lovely idea. But I have my doubts as to well it will turn out. When I'm working I'm in control, focused and determined.  It's not the right headspace to be/pretend to be submissive. I'm also less likely to be hyper and playful and bratty. None of which bodes well for this type of scene!

So will I be capable of submitting to punishment on whatever trumped up charges they present? Will I be able to relax and enjoy it? Or am I likely to make rude gestures at Abel and pay for my sins at the conclusion of the working day?

Who knows but I guess there's only one way to find out!


Indy said...

Whatever happens, I hope you'll tell us about it! And I'm sure that there will be many opportunities after work to wind up those who are deserving of such treatment!

Of course, I'm relieved to hear that you're seeing Eliane, as I'm concerned that you won't be able to think of anything naughty on your own... ;)

Have fun, all!

Haron said...

I've been wondering about it as well. All three of us get uber-focussed on work. Trying to talk to Abel when he's working can be an exercise in diplomacy, and to be honest, when I'm writing, I'm not much better.

That said, we've done the thing where I reported for punishment every two hours (at the dawn of time, pre-blog, so there's no record of it). When you know a break is coming up and you schedule for it, it's not as annoying as if you were just interrupted out of the blue.

I think the key is to have certain times when you know a scene is coming up - rather than randomly walk up to you as you're in the middle of typing a sentence, and demand that you switch off the confident work self and dive into a role.

It's going to be quite interesting!

Scarlett De Winter said...

I think I'm rather with your about your doubts on this one. When I work (which, admittedly is pretty rare as I haven't been at school for the last year and uni hasn't really got going yet) I like to do it on my terms. It's not a play thing, and I think I'd struggle with work and play.

The Lover made me write an essay before I went to uni, so that I could try and get back into the habit. But under my own steam and in my own time, to a deadline. That worked pretty well.

Anyway, I'll be very interested to hear how it goes!

Anonymous said...

I agree it's going to be quite interesting ... I wanna know how it's all turned out! *stamps feet* ;)

Can't wait to read the update. ;-)

Jake and Nomi's Spanking Delights said...

Well yes I think that I would want you to bring your school uniform as well. That is one of my favourite role-plays and it's time to renew Nomi's. Have fun!