Monday, November 1

A Social Experiment - Outcome

Dear Blog, I promise I still love you. I'm sorry I've been neglecting you lately and even sorrier I missed Love our Lurkers day. It caught me unawares and I was away. But I do love all my reader and my lurkers especially. So if you've been waiting for the right post to comment for the first time, here it is!

Now back to the matter at hand. So I did my social experiment, detention at Abel's house for a full day whilst I was also working at my day job. As I wrote in my last post I was a little bit worried as to how it would turn out, with me in controlling, focused work mode.

Well first off I'm glad to report that Abel survived the experience intact. I dare say he actually enjoyed the day. And Haron didn't have to intervene in a full on row. But best of all, I ended up with a very sore bottom! (See Exhibit A below, 30 very painful strokes)

There are a couple of things that made detention scene work well. Firstly, Abel warned me well in advance when punishments were due and clearly scheduled the day. I was to get 5 sets of 6 strokes - first thing in the morning, morning break, lunch, afternoon break and end of the day.

We started out well. I wore a school uniform and reported for punishment after breakfast. A blue tartan skirt, white knee socks, white shirt and navy jumper. My work laptop was set up on the school desk, we were set.

But to keep it light I didn't wear one crucial aspect of uniform. Those who know  me well can probably guess; I purposely didn't wear the tie. For me a proper tie is crucial to being a school girl and without it, the scene was never going to be intense or head spacey. Instead I was aiming for fun.

Before each caning Able gave me 5 minutes notice to finish what I was doing work wise. The first two sets were with a regular cane, stinging but not unbearable. But I wanted to feel the strokes as I sat down, so requested the dragon for the rest.

I wasn't disappointed. And whatever qualms I had about working and playing went out the window from the pain of the dragon cane slicing into my bottom. Sitting down after each set was a further delight with my bottom burning very satisfyingly!

All in all it was a fun day. I enjoyed the chance to hang out with Abel and Haron for a whole day. As well as the naughty thrill of talking to my colleagues with a nicely stripped behind. And I actually got an awful of work done, whether that was cos there were less distractions out of the office, or because I was extra motivated, who knows?


MecIrlandais said...

Sounds a lot of fun. Looking good in the photo too EJ!

Pandora Blake said...

That sounds like a great structure to the day! I'm really glad it worked well for you :) I think knowing in advance when the breaks would be, and having 5 mins notice would be essential to me as well. And you know what they say, taking regular breaks is essential to productivity... I'm not sure I'd want breaks like that every day of the week, though. But occasionally sounds like it would be nice :)

Indy said...

OK, usually I try to say something supportive, amusing, or sophisticated (for me). But this time, I just have to say this: the picture of you bottom is absolutely lovely!