Tuesday, November 16


I've been to the first ever Shamrock Spanking Society party and am still buzzing from it. A fantastic venue, an excellent group of people, including so many of my close friends, and a great weekend of fun. Huge thanks must go to Ian, Frank, Caroline and Sarah for putting on the most awesome kinky event Ireland has ever seen.

I have lots to say about this party, not least the emotional rollercoaster it turned out to be where I went from beyond myself with excitement to getting overwhelmed by it all, dropping at the goodbyes to the pleasant happy state I am now in, two days later!

For those of you not familar with the term, Shamrocking is the state of having an amazing time in Ireland with a bunch of fabulous, not to mention perverted, people who may or may not be Irish.

More specifically if you are an Emma Jane it involves:
Inability to sit still or focus on anything for more than 5 minutes. There are just too many people to meet and greet with and so many hugs on offer it's heaven. (A particular pleasure to meet Ian's two imaginary partners!)

Delight that the kinky family (Ablel, Haron and Cath) have all come across the water to visit together and brought the much loved Sarah and Ella with them too.

Permanent grin plastered on face, related to the point above.

Needing a bedtime spanking to calm one down and set one to sleep, followed by a morning tawsing to remind a girl to behave.

Having the pleasure of introducing friends from both sides of the water to each other and giggling at Chalk's reaction to meeting the 'bad man from the blog'!

Dressing in the first of the 3 party outfits - Regency Lady, complete with fan and gloves and the compliments that I looked so demure until the grin re-appeared.

Enjoying the sight of everyone so smartly dressed at pre-dinner drinks and glowing in  the obvious pride Abel had on escortng his 3 girls.

Laughing at both Ian and Frank making speeches and feeling touched when Frank reminded us parties have so many possibilities and that he had met his darling girl at just such an event

Feeling discombobulated at being the only Irish person at a table full of Brits (apologies Irelynn but for these purposes that is what you are!), whilst the next table was full of all my Irish friends (I sneaked over during dessert).

Traipsing upstairs after dinner to change into outfit number 2, corset and heels

Returning to the party to discover the scavenger hunt is in full flow and joining in with gusto, giving and receiving spanks for trading answers to the questions (I came third!)

Being briefly overcome with madness and asking the Meanest Man on the Internet to give out the spanking due for said scavenger hunt.

Dashing off with Caroline Grey and another lovely new friend to change into outfit number 3, matching school girls - with burgundy pinafores and cross ties.

Being severelly caned by Mr Allen at one end of the hall whilst the vanilla staff looked on (in horror, amusement, bored disdain??).

Having  Caroline hold hands and look into my eyes during above caning, reminding me how often we used to do this and how powerful it is.

Experiencing a scene with HH that started out in fun but became an outlet for pent up emotion and energy and resulted in intense tears and tight hugs, quite extraordinary for a public event.

Delighting in joining forces with Haron and giving a naughty young man a well deserved spanking. (He would go on to get an even more deserved caning from me the next day, but that's another story!)

Realising I was done for one party and curling up with Abel for a cuddle that lasted all night.

Having a very sore and bruised bottom from excessive play.

Orchestrating a school scene with Cath, Bandree and Sarah and being punished by Retep, Abel and HH for running amok at a debating contest. (Our arguementative skills were not appreciated by any of the teachers)

Having a mini-meltdown that the weekend was drawing to a close and the thought of the kinky family leaving me.

Crying goodbyes but being restored by the lovely Retep and Bandree, and a highly recommended nap.

Ending the weekend with a great chat with Mr Allen, Cate Stoker and Simon Jenkins, a rousing rendition of Any dream Will Do in homage to a certain top who shall remain nameless, the realisation bastinado is not for me and an excellent caning lesson.

Driving home in the dead of night and falling into the deepest of sleeps, to wake up the next day feeling reinvigorated and sated.
These are just a few top of mind highlights, there are so many other people and moments that also made the weekend special and thank you to everyone who made it what it was.

So I'm well and truly Shamrocked peeps and it feels just great!


Irelynn Logeen said...

Me, British? I'm so insulted! I actually have four nationalities. I'm part Dutch, part Irish, part British, and part Canadian as well if the rest of the world is to be believed: everybody I meet says I have a Canadian accent!

Seriously though, glad to hear you had such a good time!

Abel1234 said...

I loved reading this - revisiting with a smile those parts of the weekend where I'd been with you, and hearing more about what you'd got up to at some of the other times. You capture the energy of the event so well - including the highs and the lows that inevitably come along as well.

Yes, I felt amazingly proud to be at such a wonderful event with all three of you. And amazingly proud to be there with you.

TC said...

Thanks for the very kind words young lady. You and your mob turned up the fashion stakes and were super additions as predicted.

At one point of the night, I was rubbing my eyes thinking, 'have I just seen 3 x EmmaJanes running amok around here?'

But of course there is only one unique you. (Thankfully some might say!)

Regency Lady was a highlight for me by the way. Let's see you top that one next time out. Hugs, F.

MecIrlandais said...

Great stuff! Delighted it went so well & so much fun was had. Sad I didn't get there but hopefull that the success means there will be another!

Anonymous said...

You looked very beautiful in your regency dress Saturday night it was hard for me to keep my pervy eyes off you. Thank you for the energy only LilEJ can bring to such an event.
~Ian London Tanner.