Thursday, November 25

The beauty of roleplay

Caoilfhionn is preparing to set off for finishing school. Actually that's a lie, she's doing nothing and Emma Jane is procrastinating! A last minute shopping trip where a small fortune was spent on lovely grown up knickers and stockings is all that's been achieved so far.

Still at least Caoilfhionn's not nervous. It's just another of life's adventures. Her biggest concern is if she can put her stockings on without laddering them.

But Emma Jane is a little more worried. Not that it'll show over the weekend, but she is a bit nervous meeting so many new people at once. Even if they all have lovely reputations, and she knows she loves meeting new people. Not to mention the last time she met so many people at once it opened up a whole new and wonderful world for her.

Still it's a whole weekend of putting her best side forward, the nice side. She wants all the other girls to like her, and all the teachers, and all the visiting bachelors. It's a long list of people she wants to like her. That will still like her after a whole weekend of her company.

Then there's what's expected of her in Finishing School. Caoilfhionn can be mischievous and giddy, but Emma Jane wants to do well all the same. She wants to be good at being a a lady. (And misbehave on her own terms!)

But still she'll be OK, cos she'll hide behind Caoilfhionn. She's brave and confident and has several of her Lowewood friends to keep her company (as well as the delightful scallywag Tombolla). That's the beauty of roleplay. If you don't like who you are you can just be somebody else.


Scarlett De Winter said...

I think that's my problem with roleplay.

Sometimes I love it and it's fun, and certainly for things like Lowewood it's awesome.

Equally when I really want to submit, I really truly want to submit, rather than play then I have to be myself.

Sorry, I'm rather over thinking this when what I actually meant to day was to say "have a wonderful time at finishing school"!


EmmaJane said...

@ScarletDW no it's a good point. I like to submit as me too, and it's certainly more meaningful and powerful to be disciplined as me.

But roleplay can be great for opening up feelings and emotions you might be afraid to give in to otherwise. Or to hide behind a more confident character :)


Pandora Blake said...

You aren't the only one that's nervous! I think i might be less scared if I had character to hide behind - but since this is my first such event i decided it would make things too complicated trying to be someone else at the same time as assimilating all these new experiences.

I'm looking forward to meeting Caoilfionn, and it'll be lovely to hang out with Emma Jane as well once it's all over. :)

Master Retep said...

Don't be nervous. You're going to learn lots of useful stuff. How to address a Duke, fold a napkin, manage a stableyard, host a Diplomat, applaud a polo team, exit a limousine without showing your knickers and, maybe even, punish a parlourmaid.

Judy said...

Hope you have a wonderful time, both of you!


(I had to Google the name "Caoilfhionn" to see how it is prounced. Would never have figured it out on my own.)