Thursday, December 23

Soothing the soul

I've recently returned from a weekend at HH's house. It had been a few months since the last visit and I was excited to not only see him, but also the house. Considering I've had so many intense experiences here each room invokes different feeling and memories, some quite conflicting. There's the hall where I've waited to be summoned to detention, a gentle thrill in my tummy. The library where I've been lectured and caned, overawed by the power of the room. But it's also the place where long and intimate chats are had. Then there's the playroom where I have cried more tears than seem possible, with its distinctive smells that stir real fear. And the bedroom where I have often been chastised, abused and humiliated and yet also hugged and comforted and revived.

Although the snow and illness meant unfortunately Eliane and Haron could not make it, I had the pleasure of Abel and Catherine's company for the weekend, as well as a lovely evening with Marlowe and Lily. In all it was relaxed and fun where companionship and conversation took centre stage. For me that's important, the chance to reconnect at a real level, to show we have more that binds us than just kink.

That was not to say we didn't play, of course we did. And there was the usual beating me out of bed in the morning. Although in a cruel twist HH took to pulling me out of bed by the ear, stripping me and pushing me under a cold shower!

But in our actual scenes, the tone was different.  Adapting to both Catherine who is getting over a nasty illness, and me who is still recovering from my judicial. HH proclaimed me fit to play but with nothing sharp that would cut, so no canes or switches!

My headspace was also important. I did not want severe pain or traumatic places. I wanted comforting scenes, with safe characters. So school scenes it was. The tops have already blogged the Sunday Detention scene, so go check out HH's account here and Abel's here.

Whilst the detention scene was physically harder, paddle and taswe are no picnic even if we only got 6 of each., it was the first scene that got to me more. In the scene we were being punished for making a video that ruined the reputation of the school and insulted the Headmaster. (A very rude snowman in the Headmaster's gown with a very large appendage!). HH and Abel are experts at making a girl feel an inch tall and soon into the lecture Catherine and I were squirming. It got worse when Abel put us over his knee and spanked us bare bottomed, informing us he would let the entire school know how we were dealt with. Oh the shame!

And then it was HH's turn and he pronounced the slipper. He called Catherine forward first and I couldn't help peeking around and confirming to my horror that it was 'the' slipper, not the junior version. I felt sick as the 6 strokes were meted out to Catherine, its impact so loud and startling. As I have much discussed here, the slipper is a very powerful implement for me, extremely painful and belittling. I can never be brave for it and in this case I really didn't think I could take it.

When the first stroke landed the tears started, by the second I was crying softly. Not because of the pain, but because of the mercy he was showing us. Whilst not gentle, I noted with relief they were nowhere near the full body impact of his usual strokes and that made me cry, that he was being so kind.

The other special thing about this scene was despite knowing and playing with Catherine for over a year this was the first school scene we had ever done together, either on our own or in a group. Our scenes have tended to be hardcore, limit breaking epics and this was a lovely change of pace.

In all it was a very relaxed weekend, and I went away with my soul soothed and my energy restored.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely post, dear.

It is funny: although I am a long way behind you on the road to exploring my kink fully, there is much here that resonates. Perhaps it is knowing some of the folk involved, and also the house, but either way I feel that I can really understand what you are communicating here. And, I'm *so* glad that the weekend restored you... Happy christmas!


Master Retep said...

Presumably, it would have ruined the reputation of the Headmaster even more if it had been a very rude snowman in the Headmaster's gown with a very small appendage! Be thankful for large mercies.

Mr A said...

Delighted you’re playing again, it sounds a lovely scene. I think irrespective of the intensity, the connection of considerate play partners and chemistry makes it special.

Abel1234 said...

I so love reading your posts of scenes we've played together - and the two you describe here were both so good. I knew how the slipper would get to you - emotionally, before the physical impact - and it was hard to watch you waiting and stepping forward to be punished.

Both you and Catherine excelled in the scenes. HH and I are lucky men indeed.

Pandora Blake said...

Lovely post! Grinning at the snowman image :)

I'm so glad you're having such a restful, soothing time. Hope it continues over Christmas and the New Year!