Tuesday, October 11

A painful review

As those of you who are regular readers of The Spanking Writers will know, Abel is somewhat of a collector of implements. In one of his recent posts he listed a helpful Implement Rollmaker of Honour. Two of the entries in particular caught my eye.

The first was the Claire's Accessories hairbrush which seemed incongruous amongst the others:

"For hairbrushes: it just has to be Mason Pearson – although, bizarrely, I found the most gorgeous cheap brush in Claire’s Accessories when Emma Jane and I were on holiday in Belgium last month, which was very robust but not too severe, and worked rather beautifully"
I had to agree with Abel's assessment, and as you can see below it's a very cute and girly brush, but packed quite a sting and reddened me very nicely!

The second was the list of cane makers:

"For canes: Prysm, Maui KinkCan-iac and Quality Control. Jack’s Floggers are also recommended (although try finding them at places such as the LAM; I never managed to get a reply to my requests to buy their canes online)."

It reminded me I still hadn't tried his new canes from Prysm.

On my next visit we put that to rights, with six strokes of each swiftly delivered, as blogged by Abel. And then once my favourite (read most painful) one had been established I got many more until a full sixty striped me all over!

I hope you readers appreciate the pains I go to to provide detailed reports on new implements!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Emma Jane. I do appreciate your detailed reports as well as the sting/pain factor that you comment on in your post. Those tramlines look really nasty.


Abel1234 said...

Your commitment to research is quite admirable :-) Smiling happily at the thought of such lovely play - hard yet spontaneous, not too deep, caring and fun. Perfect, in fact!

Ordalie said...

Sixty strokes! Do you still have skin on your buttocks...or should it be called hide? :)

sixofthebest said...

Emma Jane, I love that rack of cane's that you display in your blog. As you can see by my 'nome de plume', I sure would enjoy using some of them on your tender bare bottom.