Sunday, January 1

Happy New Year!

I couldn't decide which photo to use on Christmas Day and in the end I took the lazy option and decided to share the other picture with you today.

It was taken by HH, at Kinky Towers; a fabulous venue hired by Abel for a kinky weekend with some of our closest friends. This was just one of the amazing rooms in the house; a medieval kitchen with huge fireplace.

I love how vulnerable I look, shivering naked in the fireplace, a little girl in the enormous room. This was taken just after a particularly severe scene with Abel and HH, which I intend to blog about later, but it's enough to say that the redness of my bottom and thighs only tells half the story!

I hope that my Kinky 2012 will have the same ingredients as this picture has: sadistic partners, pain, humiliation, great friends and fabulous weekends of pure escapism. Happy 2012 everyone!


Anonymous said...

Brilliant photo EJ. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Happy New Year.


mickyfinn said...

Superp picture! Your complete nudity and the vastness of the room really enhance your vulnerabilty. I can't wait to see how you got such a nice red bum and thighs. More like this please! Fantastic thanks, mickyfinn.

Martha said...

Omg - that fireplace! My Sir (who desperately needs an online ID, methinks!) would have a field day with that! Preferably after the whipped girl had been removed from it though ;-)

Lovely photo, and wishing you a Happy New Year too, with love and strength to meet any challenges it throws at you.

Kaelah said...

A Happy New Year to you, Emma Jane! Again a very well composed picture. Here's to a wonderful kinky 2012! :-)

Ordalie said...

Emma-Jane, you're quite the Sleeping Beauty! Two months and not a line here, how frustrating!