Tuesday, May 1

The naughtiness continues!

This evening Abel and I went out to dinner with some new friends. Let's call them Bambi and the Hunter. Mainly because one will really hate their name and the other will be bemused by it.

We've met Bambi and the Hunter a couple of times now. Enough for EJ to start escaping. Both are fairly new to the scene and meeting kinksters, although both experienced with each other. They're partly contributing to my kinky re-awakening as I look at their enthusiasm to play and their precious time grabbed with each other, making the most of it. I used to be like that; before I got spoiled and had play on tap. Before there wasn't room to flirt and brat and fantasise because my play was all around me.

But I digress, that's a blog post for another day. Needless to say with EJ escaping and finding a kindred spirit in Bambi the evening turned out to be playfully mischievous. First there was a ride on a carousel for Bambi, Abel and me. (Oh how we sniggered that Abel rode Joseph!) Then a trip to the big purple cow to sit on the magic mushrooms (work that one out yourselves people!) Before dinner in Yo Sushi.

Now this is one of my favourite places to eat at the minute but I hadn't truly appreciated the potential for brattiness. There's the water taps on the table: if you push the tap too hard everyone on the table gets splashed or if you overfill the drip tray people's feet underneath the table get wet! Then there's the fun of pressing the service bell, on and off, lights flashing and announcer claiming table 12 needs attention, followed by the exasperated look of the waiter arriving to find we weren't in need of anything at all. Or the fun of the carousel with the bowls of sushi. However, I'm not going to describe the strange chocolate dessert, save to say Abel's description of 'japanese condom' was very apt!

As the Hunter took Bambi off he promised she would pay for her naughtiness. Abel assured him I would pay for mine too. And so I got my first caning in my new home, with the dreaded dragon cane. I would have gotten six, but HH on hearing I was to be punished was so approving that Abel decided to double it, in his honour.

I can't tell a lie: the 12 strokes really hurt! But I was a good girl and took them bravely(ish). Didn't I stripe beautifully?


Indy said...

Oh, gosh, you did stripe beautifully!

But is there enough room to take proper aim in your new flat? Several of those stripes look far too low!


ps: @Abel: :-p

EmmaJane said...

Too much room I'm thinking Indy - he could get far too much weight behind the strokes. And I hear you on the low strokes, considering changing my play zone!

Anonymous said...

Very nice stripes.

Nolens Volens said...

Beautiful lines...I should submit that as a suggested theme for TNH next year. Hmm! You should visit http://thenaughtyhangout.blogspot.com - I am sure there's plenty there to help feed the punishment. ;)

Kaelah said...

Beautiful stripes, Emma Jane! And it's good to hear that you had so much fun. :-)

I am with Indy about the low strokes, but everyone has got different play zones, so I think it is absolutely okay as long as you are fine with strokes on the back of your legs (and I'm very sure otherwise Abel wouldn't have administered them so low).

Anonymous said...

Kaela your cute