Sunday, June 13

Do the Write thing!

Long before I was brave enough to contact anyone in the scene or even de-lurk anywhere, I was reading every kinky thing I could find. And I continued to be an avid reader on and off for years until I came out. (Now I don't get to read as much as I'd like, there has to be time to write now too!)

Back in 2001 there weren't any blogs per se - the first one I ever read was The Spanking Writers in 2006. But there were lots of great websites. And these websites had stories. Oh how I gorged myself on them. Some great, some OK, some not to my tastes, but all in their own ways reassuring me that I wasn't the only kinky girl in the world. And that these people understood my 'deepest, darkest desires' far better than I did myself.

I thought that these people were very generous in writing all these stories for the likes of me skulking about without as much as a comment. I didn't fully comprehend that they got just as much out of writing those stories themselves, that they wrote as much, if not more, for themselves than anyone else.

The need to understand and explain yourself through stories when words alone won't do. The thrill of crafting something out of a mere idea. The pride of your achievement. The joy of someone telling you they enjoyed what you'd written.

These were all things I came to learn when I started my own blog and wrote my own stories. Of course I've also learned the frustration that comes hand in hand with writing. Of creativity that won't materialise or the great idea that refuses to be expressed in a coherent manner. Or since writing for Winterbrook how hard it can be to develop a character and weave in plots against a long term storyline

I've written here several times that The Treehouse was one of the first sites that I visited back then and the stories on there continue to hold a very special place in my heart. I still remember using Mija and Pablo's writing to try to explain what I really wanted from my vanilla/semi-kinky boyfriend.

And it was on The Treehouse that I first heard of the group Soc.Sexuality.Spanking and the Summer Short Story Contest. Of course I never commented there either but greedy little me was delighted to have more stories to feed my habit.

Now I think it's time to finally give something back. Which is why this year I've volunteered to read and review the stories being entered into the competition. I'm very excited about the stories I've seen so far and am also thinking about my own entry. So I'd encourage you to write up a story and submit it. Details can be found here. Go on, I dare ya!


Irelynn Logeen said...

I can write and I can be kinky, but I'm pretty rubbish at writing kinky stories. Then again, they don't usually do much for me anyway so I guess kinky stories just aren't really my thing.

But good luck to everyone entering the competition!

Paul said...

EmmaJane, The Treehouse has fond memories for me as well.
Well done you.
Warm hugs,

MecIrlandais said...

I actually wrote my first spanking story for about 3 years on Monday! Will get round to sharing it on fetlife or somewhere.

Mija said...

You are way too generous with your praise, EmmaJane, The Treehouse these days is like a poor neglected child!

But that said, you're completely right about what I get out of writing fiction. There are few things as utterly frustrating as writing, but also completely satisfying as realizing I got it right. It's also great (embarrassing too) to look back on what stories excited me 10 plus years ago. Kind of like looking at pictures from childhood.

Thanks for mentioning the SSC -- I've found it a great way to dabble in fantasies I might not explore otherwise. And the discipline of trying to write to the 500 word limit is definitely good for my overly wordy self.

Anonymous said...

I found the Treehouse and other story sites in my early internet days too. :). But you've been giving plenty back Emma-Jane. I love reading about the hot and intense scenes you do, which you express so very well. Thanks.