Monday, June 28

And now for something lighter!

I just want to reassure you all that the weekend wasn't all about deep and dark painful beatings. Not at all. Actually there even more cheerful and light-hearted painful beatings too!

Like on Saturday morning. After much sleep I rose from a fine ten hours of deep sleep in a very good mood indeed. I hadn't intended to be mischievous at all but being condiment-ally challenged resulted in honey over the oak table, soon followed by me bare bottomed, over the oak table.

Forgetting it was HH dealing out the spanking I was semi-cheerfully answering back when the hand spanking got firmer and the voice got cross. It's not allowed to be so disrespectful during a spanking, no matter how light or sticky the situation.

Breakfast finally concluded without much further ado until some ridiculous declaration of innocence from Abel had all us girls howling in laughter. He wasn't too pleased to have us react so and over the table we all had to go, bottoms bared in a row; Catherine, Haron and I. And what a lively spanking ensued with a disgraceful amount of laughter and answering back.

After all that I found myself in a far more mischievous mood. I wanted trouble! But not for me, I still felt quite played out from the night before. But I was sure Catherine could handle a bit more beating. As Indy would say I then then threw her under a bus by remarking that she hadn't got that switching that was proposed, had she? Of course HH doesn't need much encouragement and duly fetched said switch as we all trooped upstairs to watch the show.

Now it's very unusual for me to witness someone playing and not want to join in, but this was such an occasion. I was very happy to watch as HH beat Catherine mercilessly with the switch. Happy to to watch her dance and wriggle away from him as he beat her more, to laugh as he chased her round the room still whacking away and to sigh as he eventually restrained her and whipped her til tiny bits of the switch scattered across the room and she was properly complaining.

Poor girl wasn't allowed be done with yet though. It was then Abel's turn with the dragon cane and the strokes rained down smartly until at least two dozen were delivered. Our girl was almost done. But I wasn't finished with my bus throwing.

Gently remarking that she hadn't nearly as much trouble as me on the wooden pony the night before I wondered how she might find it on the second time of asking? The love in her eyes for me at that moment was very special to behold. And when they had her strung up on the pony, with the board raised much higher than previously, I almost felt bad as she cried and pleaded for mercy. Almost.

It was a very floaty girl who was finally released into many waiting hugs.

Unfortunately we had to say bye to my lovely twin then, and alas the beatings were still not done. Haron was made to squeak as HH and Abel gently tortured her (as she recounts here) and I had yet more fun ahead of me.

That evening we had company to entertain and apparently I was part of the entertainment. Not only was I stripped down to my pretty gingham knickers in the garden, and nor was I just caned while standing on the pedestal in said garden, but I also had to demonstrate the wooden pony for said company as well as endure a harsh whipping with the two tailed whip at full force. Yes it was all very light indeed. Although I at least had the pleasure of watching lovely company being beaten too!

The weekend ended with the obligatory tawsing of a cranky Emma Jane out of bed, and just when I thought HH was growing out of that phase too...


Irelynn Logeen said...

What, EJ trying to get people into trouble? I would never have expected it of you. How awful. :-P

OMG. Blogger's word verification strikes again. It must be in a particularly filthy mood today to be able to create a blend of 'sperm' and 'penis': spernis. Or do you think that's just me reading things into it? ;-)

indy said...

EJ, my dear, I think you're even more of a bus driver than Eliane!

Yes, I know, that *is* saying something! ;-)

Catherine said...

EJ darling, the love you saw in my eyes as you suggested that they string me up on the pony again was nothing compared to the love I felt for you in my heart, you evil little leprechaun! Especially when they did something complicated with the spreader bar so that I couldn't use my feet properly for balance.

So don't worry, I'll find a way to get you back ;-)

lily (the lovely company....) said...

I must just say you did demonstrate beautifully for the company and were very well restrained - you didn't get me into trouble once (why do I have the distinct feeling) that isn't going to last).