Tuesday, July 6

Kinkship in action

I'm sure you're expecting the obligatory post-weekend rundown of all the play and beatings? Well don't worry it's coming; I did play some great scenes and I want to share them with you. But first I want to talk about the non-play stuff.

The someone giving up two hours of their day to make a round trip to the airport to collect me and then doing the same when dropping me back

The ongoing provision of fabulous food and snacks and beverages

The fabulous entertainment (both kinky and non-kinky)

The sympathetic ears to life's stresses

The contenment of being amongst friends.

In short genuine and wonderful hospitality at the hands of Jessica and HWMBO. Supplemented by also getting to hang out with the wonderful Eliane, Scarlett, Haron and Mr Edmunds and completed by the awesomeness of meeting Casey Morgan for the first time. (I wanted to hug her all day long)

My blog certainly bears witness to how much I love the high energy party weekends where I'm bouncing off the walls, giggling and dancing between people. I also love the weekends of intense play and connection with HH and Abel.

But I get just as much satisfaction from peaceful weekends amongst friends. Where the hours pass too easily and we're shocked to note how late it's gotten, Where there's not so much as a bratty comment or a playful spanking. Where it's just us, celebrating our kinkship. That was the true essence of my weekend.

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indy said...

What a lovely post, EJ.