Wednesday, July 14

Still flying!

I've been in awe reading the the fabulous comments you all left on my last post. It really means a lot to me to get such feedback, thank you all so much.

As most of you know, I write up these scenes as much to process and document as I do to share with you. And writing this one up was particularly therapeutic for me. Not only writing it but also for the first time having something I wrote read back to me. The reader was Casey who I was thrilled to hang out with for a few oh-too-short days. In a very surprising but also oddly nice way, I cried as Casey read the post aloud to our close knit group on Sunday. Very briefly I relived every moment of the scene once more and cried in fear, exhilaration and relief, but this time in the full comfort of being surrounded by all my close friends.

So a few days on I'm still flying! Bruises are fading fast but I won't be playing properly for a few weeks, time to let body and soul regroup. But I will still be at the CP workshop in Dublin on Saturday, check out this Fetlife page if you want to come along or drop me a line for more details. Ian, The London Tanner will be demonstrating implements and techniques as well as some roleplay ideas and I shall be his model!

I still plan on going to Nimhneach too and shall have to find other ways to amuse myself if I can't indulge in my usual thrashings. Let's see ,there's back floggings, hand tawsings, thighs canings, bastinado, suspension... hmmm guess I might be OK!

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Eliane said...

I'm so glad that you're still flying. Much as I know that you love playing these amazingly hard scenes, I sometimes find it a little hard to relate to something that deep and heavy as it's so much further than I could ever push myself, but I do know what they do for you. I worry sometimes, though, that flying that high can sometimes bring nasty drops, and I'm very, very pleased that you're still flying. That's what I like to see :-)