Sunday, April 3

An interlude...

'What's wrong?'

Nothing,' I answer, turning away so he can't see my lower lip pouting.

'What's wrong?' he asks again, firmly, patiently.

'I'm just a bit cross, a bit grumpy.'

'Well we can't have grumpy Emma Janes, can we? But I know just what you need,' hands rest on my shoulders, reassuring, firm. 'Hmmm?'

I try hard not to disagree with the spanking that's coming. It wouldn't do any good. But when one is grumpy already it's an effort to submit nicely to a spanking.

He leads me to the bed. Sits down on it. Looks at my trousers expectantly. 'We'll have these down.' I slowly unbuckle my belt, open the buttons, ease my trousers to my knees, concentrating hard on not doing anything to earn a real punishment. After all this is just a get-me-out-of-my-grump spanking. After the briefest of pauses I slide my knickers down too. He nods in approval.

'Over you go,' he orders gently. Without dignity I place myself over his knee. Me, Emma Jane going over his, HH's, knee. At times like this, when it's not roleplay and there's no 'real' demeanor in question, that I'm going over his knee because he feels I need it and I do so because on some buried level I agree, it's the most humbling and littling of all.

His hand smacks down quickly and firmly on my already tender bottom. I can't help but protest: it hurts.  'Now this is what grumpy Emma Janes need, isn't it? He waits for a response: 'Isn't it?'

My answering 'yes' comes out more whiny than is acceptable, and lacks the S word. The smacks get harder until I'm crying out many, proper 'Yes Sirs.' When the volley finally stops I relax over his knee. Definitely less grumpy.

Until he picks up the hairbrush, explains that six should drive the message home. I teeter between feeling newly grumpy and accepting of what's to come. Acceptance wins out and I give a sorrowful 'oh' before tensing again, burying my head in the bed. The six are hard and all on the crease and thighs. I'm not brave and I cry out, but I don't whine or moan. And when I'm finally allowed up I tuck myself gratefully into his arms. My mood has indeed improved, grumpy no more. Once hugs have been properly dispensed I shyly ask, and receive, permission to pull up my knickers.

And we go on with the rest of our day. Scenes to plan, walks to take, dinner to make. The above just a brief, but important interlude.


Anonymous said...

This was so sweet and lovely. Thanks for sharing.


Toby said...

Perfect. You two are just the awesomest, whether your posts are about the roleplays or the interludes. Glad you're home sorely. x

Abel1234 said...

Gorgeous post - so very *you*, so very *HH*, so very you two together. Just lovely xx

Indy said...

I love this post, too. Actually, I think that kind of dynamic is best at making me feel small, too. Having my protests answered by a soft reminder that I know I need this works well for me, as there really is no reasonable counterargument!

I laughed pretty hard as I imagined Graham's probable reaction to *that* particular "S word!"

Henry Higgins said...

Oh. It's so very powerful to read this from your perspective. It shows the wordless communication that happens when our dynamic works as it should. You knew what you needed, but you needed me to know it without being told. This time I did.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post.

Graham said...

I like how HH kept referring to you in the plural... It made me imagine an army of EJ clones. Now that would be a legion before which to tremble!

@Indy: Yes, I did a double-take. (Though, I also find that s-word difficult to say... For somewhat different reasons!)

EmmaJane said...

I'm really pleased to get such nice comments on this post. In some ways it felt very personal to share such an interaction.

@joeyred51 and @thiskinylife welcome to my blog, thanks for commenting :)

@Graham bwahahahaha, an army of MEs is a fab prospect!

@HH Yes this is a perfect example of our dynamic working well. I _can't_ ask for it because that makes it less real, but we both know it's often what I need. And it's more often than not that you do read me this well. That's very special.