Wednesday, August 31

Look what we made!

It's a book! A collection of fabulous stories by 20 of the scene's best writers and bloggers! Abel and Haron have been the driving force, coming up with the idea, bringing everyone together and doing all the hard work of getting it published. Everyone gave their story for free and all proceeds go to Cancer Research UK. I'm sure you're all eager to buy it so click here for all the details you need. And while you're over there, give Abel and Haron a congratulatory hug: I hope they are very proud of themselves today as it's finally published!

As for me I am disgustingly excited to be part of it. All the stories are great but I'm honoured to share a book with my pre-scene, lurking day heros Paul Bailey, Serenity Everton, The Lowewood Writers, Casey Morgan and Abel.

I'll write again about my story but here's a little hint: the cover, painted by my wonderful twin Catherine Thomas, depicts a scene from my story (with me as the model gulp!) and it's called Slipping up.

And for those of you who are lurking on here, wishing you could be part of this community, take inspiration from Eliane's introduction :)


Anonymous said...

I purchased the book on Kindle. I am looking forward to reading your story. So cool that you are the model for the cover.

Congratulations to all of you fine writers.

EmmaJane said...

Thanks Joey, hope you enjoyed it :-)