Saturday, November 7

Method writing

We little band of writers at Winterbrook are such perfectionists about our writing. Not only do we agonise for ages over what to write and whether it's worth reading at all (well at least I do anyway!) but we feel the scenes must be as realistic as possible.

OK so we may not be always historically accurate or write in exactly the Edwardian language of the time, but we do try.

But where we can ensure we are being as true is possible, is to describe the punishment scenes realistically. Unfortunately for us, the only way for that to happen is to play out the scenes with each other. Yes, we need to experience very sore bottoms indeed in this quest for accuracy!

Therefore it is with some reluctance (well actually no reluctance at all!!) that Charlotte and Lucy are presenting themselves to Sir George today to taste his cane for real.

I do hope our dear readers appreciate the sacrifices that Eliane and I make for our writing.


Paul said...

EmmaJane, I do appreciate both your sacrifices.
The fact that you and Eliane are actually experiencing what Charlotte and Lucy are receiving, this is manna from heaven for me, and makes me an even more devoted follower of Winterbrook Hall.
Warm hugs.

PaulaK said...

Well all the best stars of screen are method actors and so immersing oneself in a role can only lead to a more realistic depiction of the character. Perhaps the only better way would be to travel back in time, but I suspect you might like it too much, and since they had no internet then, we would never get to hear about it! Looking forward to the next instalment of Winterbrook.

catherine said...

Yay, can't wait to hear how it goes. Have a fantastic weekend, big hugs to you and Eliane.


Indy said...

But wouldn't you rather play with the gamekeeper?

Jon Thorn said...

Charlotte and Lucy proved to be as needful of discipline in real life as they are on the pages of Winterbrook. The cane was very well used.

Eric G. said...

It's not enough to trust your memory. Writing while seated on fresh stripes is the prescribed method. ;)