Monday, November 9

Suffering for their art

So Eliane and I duly met with Jon Thorn to act out some Winterbrook scenes. Here's a brief overview of what we got up to.


Charlotte and Lucy duly attended for their appointment with Sir George and he was terribly harsh with them. Firstly Charlotte was given her punishment for leaving the house without permission. He did not readily believe that she had just gotten lost in the search for a different quality of air. Oh how he spluttered at that one.

10 hard strokes rained down on her bottom, with not even a hand spanking to warm her up.

Then Lucy was punished for her lack of manners and oh how she made it worse by her continuous answering back. Charlotte despaired for her.

But it didn't end there. Sir George decided a punishment imposition was called for. Each were given several pens and a sheet of paper along with a list of precise instructions for writing the essay the title of which was "The efficacy of Corporal Punishment in instilling virtue and manners in a young lady"

1. The essay shall cover one side of one sheet of paper.
2. You will rule a left margin, in green, of exactly one inch..
3. The title shall be doubly underlined in blue.
4. The rest of the essay shall be written in pencil.
5. Your name shall be written in the top right hand corner and the bottom left hand corner.
6. There shall be no mistakes in spelling, grammar or layout, no crossings out or corrections.
Immediately Charlotte was in trouble for writing her title before ruling her margin. A swift spanking over the knee ensued. Then it was unlucky Lucy who wrote her title in blue instead of underlining it in blue. She too got spanked.

After many false starts and interruptions for whispering and making mistakes, Charlotte managed to finish her essay. Unfortunately writing one big sentence in large letters across the page was not well received with Sir George. Another spanking for her now tender bottom. Cruelly he continued to spank her until Lucy finished her own essay, but that didn't pass muster either.

Poor Charlotte and Lucy thought they might be there all night but Sir George also despaired of that and decided to thrash them both soundly. And so Lucy got a paddling and then 40 with a strap.

Then Charlotte, as the elder, who should really have set an example to her wayward little sister, got a lengthily and hard caning. Such a red and sore bottom she had, 85 strokes later....


Casey Morgan said...

a) cool stockings + the dress looks like it could be very cute.

b) cool furniture. Want that table!

c) I know you're supposed to say "hugs" and all in post-whacking comments, and OK hugs, but really that bottom doesn't look all that awfully sore. Def. not like 85 strokes later. But maybe the photography wasn't that good at conveying detail back in ye olde Edwardian days. ;-)

These two madams sound like they give new meaning to the term 'handful'.

Master Retep said...

I can see why you might be a supporter of O'Leary's plan to facilitate standing passengers on his flights.

Indy said...

How dreadfully unfair for Charlotte to be blamed for Lucy's antics! I do hope Charlotte impressed upon her young sister the importance of appropriate decorum (not getting other people spanked) after Sir George had left!

MecIrlandais said...

What a lovely table indeed. Perfect for entertaining frightfully delightful guests & disciplining tiresome naughty girls.

Cool holiday snaps. I wish my friends would post more of this type on facebook instead of those ghastly boring halloween pictures.

Paul said...

EmmaJane, nice post, just as good as an episode of Winterbrook.
Nice pics, though I agree with the others, it doesn't look that severe.
Warm hugs,

Casey's Belly said...

A very well-crafted story, Emma Jane, quite as good as a Winterbrook episode.

You are indeed a talented young lady when it comes to this kind - the very best kind - of fiction.

Thank you for bringing us this lovely tale - and the accompanying photographs, of course!

PaulaK said...

Emma Jane,
I can just see you shopping in IKEA (if you're around the Northside)....Emma has moved house and is out buying some new furniture. She gets lost in the IKEA one-way system. Emma asks a sales assistant for help. "Can you tell me where the spanking benches are ... oops I meant 'coffee tables' ..."


Kami Robertson said...

Yes, it's a very nice whipping ben...I mean table indeed :]