Sunday, January 3

Secret places

'It'll just be our little secret.'

How often she had heard those words. How they reduced to her cold sweats and stomach churning sickness.

Always followed by the tugging down of her trousers, then her panties. A long minute of having to stand there while he looked at her. Making her blush deep red with the shame of being bared and on display like this.

'Our little secret.'
Slowly pulled across his knee until in a suitable position. Small and defenseless, her arms and legs not quite reaching the floor, her head dropping in resignation. The awful anticipation. Enduring his soft caresses of her bottom while waiting for the pain to explode.

Jumps as his hand crashes down on her bottom, followed by several more in quick succession. Tells her what a naughty little girl she is. Smacks her harder and harder until she is squirming across his knee, her trousers and panties pooling at her ankles, her t-shirt riding up her back.

Soon the tears begin to fall and her pleas for mercy become louder and more plaintive. She knows he won't stop until she is properly sobbing, until the spanking becomes unbearable.

Tries to block out what is happening to her, to go to a happy place in her mind. If she could get on an airplane and go anywhere in the world, where would it be? Disneyland? An African Safari? To Grandma's house? Anywhere away from here.

'Our little secret.'

Her bottom is hot and bright red when he finally stops, breathless from his exertions. Pleased with the limp and sobbing state he has reduced her to. Another lesson learned. No need for a hairbrush this time.

Leaves her across his knee for several minutes, before gently lifting her up and setting her clothes to rights. She cannot look him at him. Says the words he expects to hear but hates him, and hates herself more. Leaves quickly once dismissed. The familiar words ringing in her ear. 'Our little secret.'


In response to Casey Morgan's Secret Saturday Challenge. My wildcard was 'airplane'. This is the first of her challenges I've responded to and it's great motivation to fulfill my New Year's Resolution to write more fiction!


Haron said...

Aaah. So deliciously awful. I like.

Indy said...

I'm not quite sure I like it, exactly, but it's very, very good!

EmmaJane said...

@Indy thanks for being so honest. I'm not sure I like the story either. I just wrote what was in my head and a very dark story came out, which I almost deleted!

Then I had to resist changing it to the happy ever after, it was for your good, ending.

But I'll let it stand and try not to be too uncomfortable over it :)

Paul said...

EmmaJane, you create an atmosphere,
makes my hair stand up on my neck,
I won't say that I like it, but I could read more.
Warm hugs,

catherine said...

Ouch, that was dark. Great writing, but very disturbing. That's a place I don't want to go!


Casey Morgan said...

It is very dark, and serious. I love that, and I love that you didn't delete it. Kind of makes me want to cry, and def. makes me want to go rescue the narrator. Such a tantalizing, scary, and edgy opening line, too. So glad you wrote today. xx

Henry Higgins said...

Beautiful writing, EmmaJane. Disturbing, of course - but it's meant to be. Your "happy place" reminds me of Closet Land (Alan Rickman and Madeleine Stowe) - a kinky film if ever there was one. Stowe's character (who writes children's stories) escapes from Rickman's tortures by retreating to the eponymous closet of her childhood, where she meets the Friendly Rooster and is kept safe by the Cat with Green Wings.

Of course many of the scenarios we play with would be horrific in their original versions. Even school canings were pretty nasty in real life. But when we make stories and role-plays out of them, we steal the parts we find hot and skip the parts we don't. That's both a strength and a danger: we produce a hot fantasy scene that we enjoy, but vanillas who stumble upon it are apt to condemn us for condoning the reality or, worse, mocking the real-life victims. Antiquity helps, of course: most kinksters are comfortable borrowing elements from slavery in ancient Rome or prostitution in Victorian England, but it gets more difficult with scenarios set more recently: many consider the Second World War taboo, and I know no-one who would make kink fodder of Guantanamo or Abu Ghraib.

When we come to childhood abuse, all bets are off. It's timeless, and the reality is horrific. But consenting adults, in my book, can play with anything they find hot.

Go, girl :-).

Abel1234 said...

OMG that's dark. Deliciously so. One of your most intense posts. Loved it.

opsimath said...

You write so well, EmmaJane - even when your subject matter is, shall we say a little darker than tour usual offerings.

As Abel says above, it is very intense and more than a wee bit disturbing.

Thank you, and don't have nightmares!

Zille Defeu said...

This was a brave post, and I think rewarded with well-deserved compliments!



Eliane said...

Late catching up on this, but it's very good, and very dark.
Please continue fulfilling your resolution to write more fiction!

Unknown said...

...And you go deeper!!! lol