Tuesday, February 16

7 Deadly Sins - Gluttony

Now some might say I'm a glutton for punishment, and to be fair there might be some truth to that. But I'm also a glutton for lots of other things. Like having a good time, drinking bubbly, hanging out with my friends, buying pretty things and eating yummy food.

Just as well then that I've just had the most amazing birthday weekend ever, where I got to gorge myself to my heart's desire! Celebrating with my birthday twin Jessica, the weekend started promisingly with a lovely girly lunch and one (or two...?) bottles of wine. It all went onwards and upwards from there with not one, not two, but four parties over the course of the weekend, three of them hosted by the amazing Jessica and HWMBO!

There was loads of girly fun, brattiness and dancing and of course fabulous outfits for each party. There was verbal sparring and gossiping and the making of new friendships and cementing of old. There was tons of wine and bubbly and fabulous food. There was two birthday cakes and the treat of afternoon tea at the Berkely ( with 3 servings of some courses...!) tied in with an interesting trip to Coco de Mer involving 4 paddles (read Eliane's account here!) And lucky Jessica and me, there were loads of lovely presents!

Of course there was quite a few spankings and other very lovely things too; we are kinky afterall. No surprise really that even in that I was over-indulged. And on my birthday itself I was given a birthday birching. One stroke for every year of my age was pronounced, and not one, but eleven extra to grow on!

It was one of the most severe thrashings I've ever had. Administered by Abel and Haron jointly, both determined to wish me the utmost success this year! There was pain and tears and feeling like I had come a long way since my last birthday, when I was barely out in the scene.

Still once I'd been comforted and fed more amazing food (this time courtesy of Abel) and had a few more glasses of nice wine and some great nineties music and dancing (thanks to my girl Cath!) I was flying again, just like I had been all weekend.

Today I'm a very sore but happy girl, feeling very grateful at having been made to feel so special. I'm hoping that the universe will let me away with having been such a glutton. But if not there's always HH to restore the balance: I'm sure he'll want to give me a few birthday spankings, canings and strappings of his own when I next see him!


Eliane said...

I'm so glad you had a lovely birthday weekend - you deserve it!

Abel1234 said...

It was such a special privilege to cook you your birthday dinner, to give you your birthday birching and to spend the day with you xxx

Sarah said...

What a lovely account of what sounds like a really lovely weekend. Glad you had such a good time, as eliane said 'you deserve it' :-) xxx

Sound Punishment said...

Happy Birthday Emma.

As one who has his birthday this coming weekend I am glad I am a top and not a bottom because I have many more years on the clock than you do!

I hope you appreciated the hard Ryanair seating on your way home!


Spanking Catharsis said...

Happy belated birthday, Emma Jane :)

Paul said...

EmmaJane, what a wonderful birthday week-end, I hope the to come will be just as good.
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

What a Magnificent behind!! Thanks for the picture. You are a gorgeous lady. JayJay