Friday, February 5

The Punishment List!

Those people over at the Spanking Writers aren't just the leading lights of online writing, they've moved on to print too! After publishing the first Spanking Writers Anthology together with Haron, Abel has now published his long awaited book 'The Punishment List'; a wonderful collection of his best spanking stories.

Like so many online newbies before me, I gravitated towards Abel's stories in my early internet forays. Not knowing what I was into or what my kink was back then, I just knew that these stories triggered something in me.

So I felt very privileged to get a sneak preview of the book before the rest of you! I can confirm the original stories are just as wonderful in print and the ten never published before are some of Abel's best writing yet. 'Midleton' is one of the most dark and emotive spanking stories I've ever read, while 'Anna and the Headmaster' gave me a warm glow all over; almost as good as a spanking itself!

Off you go and buy it, a worthy addition to any collection of spanking literature and a lovely present for that kinky person in your life. And not only do you get to enjoy the stories but also the fabulous front cover, designed and painted by the talented Catherine.

And when you've read it, come back and tell me what your favourite story was!


Abel1234 said...

Awww, thank you :-)

LOL do I get to play the "tell you my favourite" game from the book?!

catherine said...

Thank you for your kind comment on the cover! I enjoyed painting it from life; the lovely model being Adele Haze.

As for the stories (and yes, I've read it over and over again!), I think my absolute favourite is the last one - "Someone to Care" though I'm rather partial to "The Punishment Dorm" as well.