Sunday, April 18

36 flights and one boat trip later...

Today I celebrate the first year anniversary of my first trip across the water to meet the UK kinksters! When I didn't know anyone at all but took a chance and booked a last minute flight over, nervous and unsure but going anyway.

365 days of knowing my UK friends. 365 days of being part of their kinky scene. 365 days of being free and happy in further exploring my kink. 365 days of commuting for my kinky social life. 365 days of Lowewoods, reformatories, chilled our gatherings and parties. 365 days of being welcomed and cared for. 365 days of very special friendship.

36 flights across the water. That's 36 check-ins, 36 security queues, 36 trips to and from Dublin airport, 36 trips to and from the host airport. 36 wanderings around said airports waiting for my flight. 36 take-offs and landings. (It would have been 38 flights if Swine flu hadn't scuppered another weekend of mine!)

1 hastily arranged boat trip (very Irish immigrant) and skoda combo and a wing and a prayer I make it back tomorrow!

19 flutterings of excitement and anticipation. 19 packings of of obligatory 30 pairs of knickers,19 ecstatic hellos and 19 goodbyes (some more sad and teary than others). 19 uncomfortable flights home on hard airplane seats.

1 contented, lucky, hyper, crazy, in-love-with-life Emma Jane :)


Abel1234 said...

... and lots of very happy friends to have you in their lives.

I'm so glad you took the brave decision to accept that original invitation twelve months ago and come over and meet a group of strange perverts who'd befriended you online :-)

I'm thinking 36 strokes, one for every flight, would be an appropriate measure later. On top of 365 spanks, of course ;-)

Paul said...

EmmaJane, and one very happy girl.
Warm hugs,

Master Retep said...

... and an unknown number of happy blog followers.

We hope to be following your example soon, 11 months on from our first Nimhneach visit (and actually 12 months from the time we walked past the venue, in the leather trousers and, but were unable to summon the courage.) Ironically, it looks as if the "boat & train" option I booked as an insurance policy is going to be our first "flight" across the water.

Thank you so much for being our link to the UK scene and for introducing us to so many of your lovely friends. Now all you have to do is tell us if ferry seats are more comfortable for sore bottoms.

Eliane said...

I'm very, very glad you made the trip. And I like Abel's suggestion for commemorating it :-D

PaulaK said...

One year on and thanks for letting us share in your journey. Though it has been a few more years, I have had similar experiences and met many lovely people when I took the Ryanair school bus across the water.

Here's to the next 12 month's instalments.