Tuesday, April 20

It's good to say it...

This blog means so much to me, more than I think I can really convey. I get a wonderful sense of achievement when I read over my words. Get a thrill at a particular post that I consider to be well expressed. Enjoy the generous comments I receive. Yet I am guilty of censorship. I sell you my version of Emma Jane, the good bits. The introspective thinker. The playful brat. The nice thoughtful girl. Rarely do I let go. Never do I publish anything in haste or in the true heat of emotion. Nothing on here is raw. It's all as polished as can be.

The ability to write with both clarity and depth of emotion is one that Casey Morgan exudes in spades. As someone going through a difficult time, the bereavement of her husband and kinky partner, her posts are often raw, sometimes difficult to read or heart breakingly sad, painful almost. Yet so full of honesty and courage that I am amazed.

And I have to force myself to comment on her posts. Force myself to think of something worthy to say to her. To show her how much I appreciate her writing. How I admire her courage. And how I wish I could take away even a little bit of her pain if I could.

And she shouldn't apologise for what she writes on her blog. Nor should she apologise for the gaps in between writing. As I said on a recent post of hers:

'It’s good to say IT, whatever IT is. And if you feel IT then you should share IT. Love and loss and despair. I’ve never been so humbled by a stranger’s writing as I have been by yours. I attempt to strive for honesty and reflection on my blog and yet fall so far off the standard you set.

Whatever you write about Casey I’ll still want to read it. I love your blog because you don’t hold back. So please continue to write and share with us.'

If you admire real honesty and courage stop by and say so too.


Scarlett said...

I agree that Casey's blog is amazing, however, I think one of my saving graces is that I don't write everything that I feel in the heat of the moment. I'm very censored in my blog, so much so that I rarely blog anymore. The reason for that is that most of the people who read it are my friends, and o-one wants to read how pissed of I am with them, their friend or their partner. For me, writing a diary that no-one else ever sees is a much safer way of expressing myself without accidently hurting someone by being truthful (not that I'm suggesting you,or Casey do that).

Abel1234 said...

You're right to draw attention to Casey's wonderful blog. I admire it, and her, greatly.

As for self-censorship: that doesn't undermine the integrity or value of your blog at all. I know I'm guilty of that too. Actually, not 'guilty', as it's a deliberate choice - but when it comes to writing things on Spanking Writers that relate to the real-life scene, I do find myself holding back at times from saying what I really think, in the interests of not ruffling overly-sensitive feathers, and I do edit some details for reasons of privacy and suchlike.

Actually, one of the joys of the spankosphere is the variety of styles of blogging - if we all followed the same formula, it'd be ever so dull!

Hermione said...

Like Abel and Scarlett, I too censor and polish and revise what I write. I made a conscious choice to be upbeat, humorous and positive about TTWD on my blog. I'm not sure what I would do were I in Casey's shoes. it must be difficult.