Saturday, April 10

Early morning alarm!

It's long been a rule that when I visit HH I have to get up at a reasonable hour in the morning. Despite the fact that I might be very tired or indeed very annoyed, HH insists on waking me up in the most cruel ways. And when I inevitably get grumpy at this unwelcome start to the day, I get into even more trouble.

Except for my recent visit over Easter, where I was so deeply asleep that the spanking was long over before I was conscious enough to reach a state of grump. In fact I didn't reach that state until lunch-time. And how very odd it must have seemed to the others to witness me descend into sudden grumpiness.

Now just in case people think HH is a horrifically cruel man I must confess I had gone to bed early the night before and we had all agreed that we would rise and shine at 8am to leave the house early enough to get through all of the days activities. (You know: eating crumpets, visiting a grand country house, drinking Pimms, beating me etc.)

But the thing was it took ever such a long time for me to fall asleep that I felt quite justified in switching my alarm off. So I slept right past the appointed rising hour. Right up to 8:50 where an alarm in the shape of HH and his wooden paddle burst into my room.

Waking up suddenly I looked at him very sleepily, observed the paddle in his hands and closed my eyes again. Even as he put me across his knee lecturing about everyone else being up since 8 waiting around for me etc., I was still half asleep. So much so I made no protest as the paddle smacked down on me. At one point I tired to close my eyes and have another snooze, but that proved impossible with the painful attention my bottom was receiving.

And when he did pause and it seemed that we were done I obviously hadn't woken up fully as I then started to complain that I couldn't have woken at 8 seeing as my alarm had been turned off. The next volley of smacks, duly administered for having been the one to turn the alarm off in the first place, were much more painful and I was relieved to be finally allowed up.

After an all-too-short cuddle from HH I gave my bed one last longing-look and made my way downstairs where Abel and Haron gave me lots of hugs and sympathy. Alas HH had very little sympathy for me at all, but he did let me have another hug. Unfortunately he caught on very quickly that I was actually trying to sleep standing up whilst hugging him. And so the day started.

Oh well, one day he might learn it's best to let me sleep in. Or equally I might learn it's best to just get up on time. Who knows which of us will break first!

I do like this pic that Abel took at the time though, I feel very like a little girl in it...

Here's a close up of my poor bottom, startlingly pink for that time of morning!


Eliane said...

Don't break, don't break! Be strong, break him!
We should start a Society for the Supression of People Who Don't Allow Lie Ins. (SSPWDALI, it looks quite Welsh!)

Master Retep said...

I suppose we could think of this post as your "title track".

Kaelah said...

Emma Jane, I can feel with you, there’s nothing more awful than not getting enough sleep! Ludwig and I spent the Easter weekend with a wonderful friend in England. He had planned a great sightseeing programme for us. Unfortunately, that also meant we had to get up quite early every morning. I was very tired from work and just hoped that I could deal with not getting very much sleep. But, since our host had invested so much time into organising the sightseeing programme, refusing to get out of bed wasn’t an option.

Luckily, I wasn’t spanked in order to wake me up in the morning. Instead, our caring host woke us with a cup of tea in the morning. Who could refuse to get up when being treated that kindly? Maybe you should suggest a similar kind of treatment to HH? It might work better than spanking you while you’re still asleep. Well, and in case it doesn’t, then you might at least notice being spanked after a cup of tea… ;-)

Indy said...

You know, I think Kaelah's on to something!

EmmaJane said...

@Elaine SSPWDALI doesn't quite roll off the tounge but think we could make it work!

@MR ha ha, it pretty much is, isn't it?!

@Kaelah, now that sounds more like it. Hope you had a lovely time on your trip :)

@Indy ha ha good luck when you make your visit in that direction ;-)

Abel1234 said...

You just look sooo cute in those pictures ;-)

Funny to read about what had gone on upstairs before you arrived at breakfast needing cuddles, having not known the details at the time!