Sunday, August 29

Implements: How do you do yours?

You may remember that earlier in the summer I assisted Ian, the London Tanner in a corporal punishment workshop he held in Dublin. He was explaining the history of CP and demonstrating various implements on me. (His willing but ever so slightly bratty model!)

Afterwards we had a Q&A session about CP and I was asked what did I consider the worst implement to be. It was a question I struggled to answer at the time. So in the end I gave them a version of the below: my thoughts on the main implements we play with.

It's a question that came to mind again over this weekend as I had a nasty re-introduction to the tawse (it's been several months since I felt one). Abel only gave me 6 (for flashing him in the corridor of our hotel) but as it's an XH that is very stiff from lack of use it burned like hell. And afterwards as I rubbed my red hot bottom I briefly decided that the tawse is surely the worst of all implements. It's thuddy and whippy, can be applied quickly and accurately, and whilst it causes deep bruising you can take a hell of a lot before (if at all) it would break the skin. Therefore the top can merrily use it for as long as he chooses!

Yes definitely the worst implement. Or is it? In reality how much I hate an implement very much depends on the mood and context of how it's being used.

In truth I always consider the slipper as my worst implement, my nemesis. Or at least a certain pair of size 1o men's gym shoes masquerading as a slipper. (HH and Ian own this particular pair between them.) It's big enough to cover one whole bottom cheek as it descends with HH's full force behind it, whilst also managing to drag across the skin leaving a horrid burning feeling behind it. It leaves both scratches on the surface of the skin as well as deep, deep bruising.

So awful is this implement that I have to feel very bad to take it. Deserving of the horror it inflicts and the stomach churning anticipation that comes with it. In short the perfect discipline item. I never play with that slipper in a light scene or just for a random non-contextual beating. It simply isn't worth it!

Whereas I can take the cane in any scenario. Deep roleplay, light school scene, judicial or just for the hell of it: bring it on! The cane brings out a certain bravery in me. Maybe it's cos of all those 'brave' school boys I've read about. Or maybe it's cos I know exactly what to expect from it: precise strokes, the sharp crack, the burn in between, the seconds to prepare before the next one lands. To the point it's practically a familiar comfort.

As for straps and the afore mentioned tawse in particular, there are various reasons why I have a very healthy respect for them. Not least because this is HH's favourite type of implement and one he unleashes on me full force. Or the fact it's pretty damn painful. And whilst I can appreciate a nice light strapping I'm too conscious of how easily it can be ramped up with the mere flick of the wrist to go from nice pain to shocking pain.

My main problem with tawses or severe straps are that the first 12-24 strokes are so hard to take. It's impossible to be dignified when you're incapable of staying in place and often screaming in pain. And yet those at the workshop who were unfamiliar with the tawse were surprised to hear me say I feared it over a cane any day!

And then there's the wooden implements. I'm not a huge fan and if I had my way I'd ban them. Mostly because it's so easy to blister the skin or cause deep bruising with them without even trying very hard. And of course the fact they can be applied vigorously and accurately means bottoms get very sore and hot with little respite. When I'm being paddled or hairbrushed, OTK in particular, I will struggle like mad to break free, very rarely settling into acceptance of it and even drawing out the most irrational anger.

Finally, we come to the spray birch. Just a bunch of twigs it is certainly not as this blog has borne testimony to on several occasions. It's an evil, painful implement and yet rates as one of my favourites. I love the shame and ceremony of making the rod, the intense burning pain it causes, the speed with which it's administered. I relish how I react to it, fighting all the way until it finally subdues me to tears. And above all I'm amazed that as it lands all I can think of is I would do anything for it to stop. Yet, and this seems like the utmost perversion, as soon as it does stop I have barely a mark to show for it and am instantly ready to play again. Whoever invented the birch is a genius. An evil, sadistic genius of course!

So the moral of my implements story is, as with everything in TTWD, it all depends on mood and context. And for me the best context is always when I'm in an obedient (or soon to be obedient) headspace, playing with a trusted top, where I don't get to choose the what or how many. Where I can't choose cane over tawse, or decline the slipper. I just have to take it, I'm not the one in control. That's really how I like to do my implements. How do you do yours?

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Indy said...

Totally agree about stiff leather-- it's evil. I've been very grateful for Ian's advice to the black leather tawse from him instead of one of the other colors, as it ended up being softer for some reason.

OTOH, not too long ago, I bought my own version of Ian's reformatory paddle. Nick's is worn in and lovely; mine stiff and surprisingly painful. Perhaps I should send it to Sarah to have it broken in... ;-)