Tuesday, August 31

A little slap...

I'm conscious that I have been a bit moany on here lately, complaining about my kinky life being too much for me. Oh poor lil me, too many people want to beat me, I'm just so popular! Sometimes I just need a sharp slap to remind myself of how incredibly lucky I am to be leading the kinky life of Reilly.

The first part of this slap (metaphorically unfortunately) came when talking to HH this evening. He was briefly telling me about a recent play date with a new play partner. Not in detail of course but I got a sense of how much fun they had as she explored role play and new implements. It made me think of the new girl I had once been, so eager to play, not being able to get enough of it. When did I become so blase about play? When did I start to take it for granted?

And the second part of this slap (again metaphorically) came after my phone call with HH, unwittingly from my good friend Jessica. A little while back she sent me a disc of photos she thought I might like to have. Being very busy at the time I didn't look at the photos in any detail until just now.

I hadn't realised that they were from almost every party and event we attended together since we met (over a year ago now!) Haron's birthday party, HWMBO's anniversary party and the infamous oil wrestling match, Lowewood goes Wild in Dublin and Wales, our birthdays, Eliane's parties and my first Regency Party.

It instantly cheered me up as I giggled away to myself remembering each occasion. Felt a little gooey inside as I looked at all the faces of my dear kinky friends. Was reminded why I am living this whirlwind of a life - for the people and the experiences. And once again was excited to think of all the wonderful parties and events still ahead and the people I haven't even met yet. I really am very fortunate!

I still plan on slowing down a bit though, and bigger plans are afoot so I can cut down on the travelling altogether (more on that to come), but I'd rather have this chaotic kinky life, than go back to being that lonely, unfulfilled girl I was just two years ago. Oh how useful a little slap can be...


Catherine said...

Lovely EJ, I confess I am struggling to imagine you ever being lonely and unfulfilled! But I am really glad you took the plunge, and can't wait for the fun times ahead xxx

Indy said...

Well, my dear, your travel schedule *IS* actually rather insane, so it's no wonder you get overwhelmed by it from time to time. And when much of your play involves a Rya Air flight, you can be forgiven for having a few moments of doubt about whether or not it's worth it!

Having now met you and most of your close, kinky friends, I'd have to say it's well worth it, though. Get well soon and good luck with the bigger plans afoot.

Kaelah said...

EmmaJane, I agree with you that we should appreciate our kinky life and the friends we make in our community. And it's great to see that you are looking forward to new kinky adventures again. I don't think you have to beat yourself up about your wish to slow things down a bit, though. On the contrary, to my mind it shows that you realise your needs and take them seriously. And I think that is a great and important ability, especially when engaging in a form of play that includes a lot of vulnerability.

I definitely play much less than you, but I know the travelling part a bit, since Ludwig and I are living in a long-distance relationship. And after our trip to the UK that involved two shoots of spanking clips, a lot of travelling and meeting many kinky friends, I was very happy to have some time to recharge my batteries. At first I thought that I wouldn't make any spanking clips for a long time now, but then I suddenly realised that I wanted to make one for my blogiversary (just with Ludwig and me in front of the camera, but involving the readers in the creative process) and so I followed my gut feeling. Now I'm looking very much forward to it! In conclusion, I would say it is good to slow things down, if one needs that, and it's amazing how fast the desire for new adventures sometimes returns. So, enjoy your kinky adventures AND your relaxation time! :-)