Wednesday, September 1

The art of verbal sparring

When Indy came to visit we played a lovely school scene with Abel which she's done a great write up of on her blog. On reading her account I enjoyed reliving not just the scene but the verbal sparring between us the errant pupils and Headmaster Jenkins. Despite the fact we were 'playing to lose' we did our best to get out of the inevitable and delivered some off the cuff lines that a less experienced roleplayer than Abel might have been undone by!

I do love playing these scenes, where the pain stakes aren't high (although canings do hurt!) and I'm playing a character who has some license to be talk back or be just a little bit defiant. Very different to some of my more submissive characters who immediately surrender.

Over the weekend with Abel I played a similar type of scene as int it was light enough to allow my character free reign resulting in a great sparring match. At one stage I wasn't sure how Abel was actually going to get a spanking in at all so evenly matched were we.

The scene was inspired by us staying in a very fancy hotel where there were some very minor service issues that a more demanding clientele would have made a huge fuss about. As it was we were not hugely inconvenienced and happy to get on with things, but it did inspire this scene. I would be the VIP Guest Service Manager trying to deal with Abel, a very difficult guest.

We hadn't really discussed any details beyond what our roles were and therefore played out the whole scene entirely on spec, both surprising each other, and at times trying not to laugh at what the other came out with.

As Ms Carroll, I began the scene predisposed to think this guy was an asshole. A regular guest, he was forever complaining and even though we had given him an upgrade to one of our finest suites he still wasn't happy.

I was addressed with a barrage of complaints as soon as I entered the room: towels not folded to his liking, a bulb missing in the lamp, the remote control in the bedroom missing a battery, the curtains not drawn.

There were so many things wrong with his room I had the suspicion that he was causing the trouble himself, and I told him so. That was the start of a long verbal row where I accused him of looking for trouble and suggested I could move him to a smaller, plainer room with less potential for anything to go wrong.

In truth I was a very up-myself trainee manager who saw this man as nothing but trouble. He on the other hand was shocked at the way I spoke to him, clearly lacking the respect he felt he deserved. Things came to a head when I asked him was he he just lonely and could I provide him with a lady friend for the night?

He was so infuriated that in one quick move on his part, I was over his knee, knickers down and having my bottom spanked very hard. I was outraged but no amount of kicking and squirming could free me from his grasp. And despite my attempt to be brave it was clear that he was hurting me.

When he finally let me up I was temporarily stuck for words. But having succeeded in shutting me up, he wasn't finished yet. He made me remove my knickers and place myself face down on the bed in the next room. It didn't seem wise to ignore him so I obeyed, looking at him warily. Slowly he removed his belt and told me he was going to whip me until I learned how to treat the guests properly.

A few strokes in I was already feeling sorry for myself. Not just because of the stinging pain but his lecture was also making an impact. I seemed liked a bright girl but how did I expect to progress with that attitude? What would happen if he complained to the general manager?

And so I began to apologise in earnest and promised to do better. Much better. When he finally let me up I had to endure one final humiliation. He requested my knickers and placed them in an envelope, warning that if the rest of his stay wasn't impeccable he'd deliver them to the General Manager with a note as to how he acquired them. I nearly died at the thought and scuttled from the room, completely chastised!

Afterwards we giggled over the lines each of us had come out with and how the verabl sparring had really made the scene. But I had to admit that Abel had certainly won once again. But maybe I'll get him one day!


Master Retep said...

Nice piece, sounds like a fun break, but I doubt you'll ever get the better of Abel for long.

bandree said...

i love the idea of blackmail with a knicker forfeit. Brilliant!

Indy said...

As long as only one of you is willing to be spanked, I'm afraid even you can't win, my dear!

My, what a stretch it must have been for Abel to play the demanding hotel guest. I'm sure he's *never* imagined spanking a hotel employee before! ;)

Sounds like a really, really fun scene. Did Abel pull off the blackmail threat without giggling?

Abel1234 said...

I so enjoyed putting our usual suite to such good use ;-)

What fascinated me with that scene was that you completely threw me with the way you took on the role. I'd imagined that the manager concerned would be very deferential, apologetic, concerned at disappointing such an important guest. And you came out all guns blazing telling me that I (LOL, well, my character) was being unreasonable.

I don't think I've ever had to think on my feet so much during a scene, but did manage to get into a different headspace than the one I'd been in at the outset pretty quickly. And certainly I was entirely justified in putting you over my knees like that ;-)