Tuesday, September 28

The battle for sleep

Each time I visit HH there is a battle of wills over how much sleep I can have. Over the course of all my visits I have been tawsed or hairbrushed out of bed more times than I care to remember! 

Now to be fair to him, my getting up time is generally negotiated the night before and he does make allowances for the type of week I’ve had in the run-up to the visit. And in theory I don’t want to spend the entire weekend asleep and ignoring him. 

The problem is we both have different ideas as to what a decent lie-in is. (On Saturday I told him to wake me if I slept into a ridiculous hour, i.e. 1 or 2, whereas he had 10 or 11 in his head!) But even when we agree on a time when the morning comes I just don’t want to get up.  

My trick this weekend was to get up on time, present myself to him announcing I was up and then diving back into the nearest bed.  So on Sunday morning when I had come down to his room and he was checking his work emails while I happily dozed away in his bed, a short little scene came into my head that I quite fancied playing. Even better it was one that would allow me to get an extra hour in bed as he prepared for it!

I quickly mailed him this short scenario.

Sarah is still in bed, when she should have been up and gone to college an hour ago. When her Uncle comes to wake her she pleads that she's sick. He suspects she's actually hungover. This isn't the first 9AM lecture she's missed after being out the evening before. (She lives with him at college, it's her first term and he suspects she's getting led astray).

And then fell back to sleep to awake as Sarah.

I was woken by Uncle Henry bursting into my room. “Sarah what are you doing in bed at this time of day?” Bleary eyed I gazed up at him before giving up and retreating back to the lovely darkness of my duvet. I was feeling decidedly unwell. My head hurt and my tummy was churning. So when he pulled my duvet down I told him truthfully that I was too sick to go to lectures. 

Unfortunately Uncle was sharp enough to suspect my sickness might have been self-induced, enquiring at just what time did I get home last night. I didn’t think it wise to admit I had no idea what time it was or I exactly how I had got there. So I mumbled a reasonable 2AM. The explosion this was met with hurt my ears. Why was he shouting at me? And why wasn’t he at work at this time? Bothersome man, sometimes free rent is not worth it.

Still I insisted I was ill, describing my fever and my aches and pains. When he put his hand on my forehead it felt lovely and cool, until he said there were no signs of a fever that he could feel. I pouted and whined that I really was sick and thought I had convinced him when he disappeared out of the room. But all too soon he was back and to my horror was dragging me out of bed as I complained loudly.

Before I knew it I was over his knee with my shorts and knickers pulled down and he was checking my temperature in the most absence way. I almost died in horror. Despite my protesting he wouldn’t let me up until he pronounced that I wasn’t sick at all and I needed to be taught a lesson.

He ordered me to bring him my hairbrush and then actually spanked me with it! Me, at 19 getting spanked, it was too horrendous to believe. And all time he was lecturing about missing classes and going out too much whilst I tried in vain to pretend the spanking wasn’t hurting. Cos it was, really, really, badly.  My bottom was all hot and I couldn’t help kicking and wriggling. In the end I begged him to stop and promised I’d be good. And I actually meant it to. 

To make it even worse he threatened that if missed any more lectures he’d ground me and tell my friends I couldn’t go out as he didn’t want to have to spank me the next day. This made me howl all the more.Horrid beastly, unfair man. 

When he finally let me up I practically ran into the shower nad spent a long time looking at my red bottom in the mirror. I'd have to be more careful around Uncle H, he wasn't as senile as I'd thought. 


Pandora Blake said...

Clever you, and what a hot scene to wake up to! There are advantages to being able to fall back to sleep at the drop of a hat in the mornings :) I wish it was that easy at night!

Thanks for sharing this roleplay, I really enjoyed it :)

EmmaJane said...

@Pandora, thanks :) It was a very nice scene. And yes get you on the being able to sleep in the morning but not at night, total pain!