Thursday, September 23

Answer Ireland's Call

It's all about Ireland right now. Well OK maybe not all about Ireland exactly, but with the Shamrock Spanking party just around the corner and so many kinky friends coming to visit me here it feels like Ireland is in the kinky spotlight. And I like that, not just cos it means less travelling for me, but I love people having a good time here.

At this stage most of my close kinky friends have visited me here and as you might have read on Irelynns blog, she and the lovely Sarah came last weekend. (You can look at our drawings from the Leprechaun Museum on her blog and you can imagine me bent over the giant furniture in spanking pose!)

We had a very lovely weekend together chatting, hanging out, shopping, eating and napping. In a funny set-up Sarah was in charge of Irelynn's behaviour, and I was in charge of Sarah's. Meaning I had to answer to Sixotb if Sarah was unduly naughty. Funnily no-one was in charge of me, apparently I was a risk not worth taking!

With this in mind we went to Nimhneach, my local fetish club and proceeded to beat each other soundly in the hope no-one would think we had shirked our duties. As usual I delighted to be back in my home club and it's always extra special when I can bring some of my friends along from across the water.

The night passed in blur of conversation and play, catching up with Master Retep, Bandree, Frank and Caroline Grey in particular. Despite not feeling up for serious play I did end up in a really intense scene with Frank. My first scene play partner I still love to play with him and always let him use the dreaded hairbrush (or the puppy killer as it is better known!)

Bandree, Caroline and I were spanked, strapped, caned and hairbrushed in turn with quite a crowd watching (perverts!!) Frank was in fine form and we did not get off at all lightly. It's a very scary state of play when you're over someone's knee wincing at a handspanking and knowing that this is the lightest part of it.

Otherwise play was generally light and fun, and I beat almost as many people as beat me. Including spanking and caning both Sarah and Irelynn. And I very much enjoyed a scene where we three took it in turns to whack Bandree as she tried to guess who had each implement. Poor her, but that gorgeous bottom is just too difficult to resist!

So roll on next Nimhneach when I'll have a very strict Headmaster in tow - this may mean I will be VERY well behaved ;-)


Rebecca said...

Meh am gutted I can't make this as I have Saturday school :-(. And not in a hot way. Hope you all have an amazing time though!

indy said...

I love the equivocation behind "this may mean I will be VERY well behaved." Surely you can distract your strict headmaster by offering up other bottoms to work on while you secretly refrain from being good?

Have fun!