Thursday, September 9

Living without kink

Well it's not quite that dramatic, but I have been kink free for a whole 2 weeks now. In fact by the time my next kinkevent comes round (Nimhneach on the 17th) that will be a whole 3 weeks without headspace, bratting, cheekiness, squirming, pain, bruises or tears.

I should add that if I had so wished it, I could have easily arranged a beating or two, there being one or two toppy tops nearby who would be only be too willing to oblige.

Unlike on previous ocassions this kink free period hasn't worried me all. Partly because I know where my next spanking is coming from. I no longer binge myself on kink. Weekends with kinky friends are about being with the friend as much as any kinky stuff.

And also because the break has been good for me. For one thing my bottom has fully healed from quite a few serious sessions that I've played over the summer. A very good thing as I don't want weak spots. And more importantly my head has cleared.

At one point I was feeling overwhelmed by roleplay and deep scenes. And I retreated to the safety of serious pain and exhibitionism. No headspace just pain and fun and a lil bit of showing off! I want to go back to those deep scenes now. Back to scared, frightened characters who aren't at all brave, who submit to authority and control. And feel ready to disappear completely inside myself again to re-surface with the glow of survival.

Just as well this is where my head is at, given I have a weekend with HH coming up soon. We haven't played properly in forever, so I'm starting to mull over ideas for scenes.

There'll be a school girl yes - she'll probably only get a few cane strokes but it will be enough to break a good girl who's let her school down. And maybe there'll be a workhouse rebel who's defiance is dealt with once and for all? Or a lost young woman who needs her guardian to be firm but fair with her?

I can't decide but I'm not short of inspiration right now. All the same do feel free to add your ideas to the mix. If we play it I promise to write it up!


Master Retep said...

Always willing to be an obliging local.

Just don't get so vanilla that you forget the budget airlines' yield optimisation models, and how they work.

Eliane said...

I, as usual, am idealess, but I hope you do come up with some fabulous scenes to play with HH.

Henry Higgins said...

"I want to go back to those deep scenes now. Back to scared, frightened characters who aren't at all brave, who submit to authority and control."

I like that idea. You're at your best when you're vulnerable and frightened. Let's see what we can plan :-)

Tight Hugs,

Rebecca said...

Am really pleased for you in a non-cheesy way - sometimes it's nice to have time out and clear your head. And sounds like you're definitely ready to play again now :)

Ian said...

I can offer you an idea that is a little twister.
You play the role of a Company owner/boss. Security is very important to your Company, especially its computer system.
You employ a security man to oversee and protect the system. He reports to you every week.
If he reports any careless behaviour by your staff, they can be reprimanded, but what happens when you are the culprit. You cannot be disciplined, ie fired, suspended etc. So you have agreed to be corporally punished for your misdeeds, in the unlikely event of you slipping up.
If you like mind games this is a good one, because he is the one who is saying Miss, while you call him John, or whatever, even when you are being punished. You wear the power suit, he is the subordinate. Yet he is now in control. You are submitting to a junior employee. Maybe you even decide your punishment!
So you are guilty of rushing out of the office for a long week-end and leaving your computer terminal live for anyone to tap into. Fortunately your security man spots your oversight before any harm is done. But now you must face the music.
Have fun.