Friday, January 14

Getting what she deserved...

I very rarely blog about sex. Actually scrap that, I never blog about sex. The details of what I like in my sex life I prefer to keep private. But the below excerpt from the book The Slap by Christos Tsiolkas, which I'm currently reading, just has to be shared. The sheer need for surrender and ownership, if even only momentarily, speaks volumes to me!

"The first thing she did after they were shown to their room was to ask him to fuck her. He responded to the urgency of her request; he kissed her roughly, biting her lip, exactly what she wanted from him. Moaning, she turned around and lay on her stomach on the bed. He pulled her underpants off, forced her legs apart, she heard him unzip, the tearing open of a condom packet and then his cock was entering her. She gritted her teeth, choked back a cry as he pushed hard inside her, the pain slicing her, the sensation exactly what she wanted, needed, what she deserved.
She took one, two, three, four shallow gulps of air, winced, and then she was above the pain. He was now a jackhammer, slamming into her, she was full of him, as much in her belly as in her cunt, she buried her face into the coverlet, her outstretched hands were clutching at the sheets, the fabric coiled around her fingers: she wanted him to fill her completely.
He was smashing into her, tearing her apart, destroying her and putting her back together. She was crying from the pain and the relief. She was still nowhere near arousal when he climaxed - he came with a roar, not touching her - but she let out a loud, grateful moan. He fell on top of her and she savoured the heaviness of his wet body over hers. He had made her his again."


Serenity Everton said...

That's very erotic.... lol, which says something about my sexual proclivities, too. :)


Anonymous said... in here, isn't it?

EmmaJane said...

@ Serenity, yep, I hear ya ;-)

@Bandree indeed, very hot!

The book itself is actually very good too, would recommend it. The plot is that a man slaps a child across the face, a child who is 3 years old and not his own, and the fall out from that on the people who witnessed it.

Em said...

Obviously I am reading the wrong books, because I never come across passages like that. Thanks for sharing.

Abel1234 said...

This is *so* hot. And you were a very bad girl indeed to read it to me while I was driving down the motorway the other evening ;-)