Thursday, September 15

Intern in trouble!

One of the joys of going on holiday with a kinky friend is being able to exploit your surroundings in a scene context. Abel and I spent a night in Brussels recently and inspired by the types of people we observed around us, came up with an intern scene.

I was working in the city earning just enough to get by, but certainly not enough for any treats such as expensive meals out or new clothes. So I'd come up with a plan. I'd target business men on their own, go to the restaurants they'd eat in, flirt with them and see what I could get out of them.

Mr Jenkins had seemed very nice and had fallen under my spell as easily as the men before him. He had generously bought me dinner and cocktails after and walked me home, like a gentleman. The next day he texted to say he's bought me a present and invited me to his hotel to get it.

This was very promising. Usually the men didn't give presents so easily: I was thrilled. He was staying at one of the posher hotels and I made sure to look smart and sophisticated whilst also very sexy in heels and a short, tight fitting dress, under a demure black coat.

He seemed pleased with what I was wearing, looking me up and down appreciatively. The present was a beautiful handbag, very to my taste. This was so easy, I grinned to myself. And maybe we'd get up to some naughtier fun too, I was quite attracted to him: he wasn't not at all bad for an old guy.

But then things took a weird turn...

He told me about a friend of his who was often in Brussels. A friend who had met a young girl, just like me, who’d flirted with him in the same restaurant we had met in. I laughed nervously, what a coincidence.

Indeed it was he agreed smiling. Then told me firmly he knew my game and thought I had been very silly and reckless. If my daughter put herself in such compromising situations I'd be very worried he explained. I tried to explain I was in no danger that I could look after myself.

It was a good argument until I was up-ended over his knee and he was spanking my bare bottom. I was outraged but couldn't do anything and he seemed to enjoy making this point as his hand rained smack after smack: 'That a girl who turns up in a man’s hotel room could have anything happen to her!' When he finally let me up I was hot and sore, rubbing my bottom petulantly.

He continued to scold about personal safety: not trusting strangers, working for my treats and not blagging them from unsuspecting gentlemen. I'd hoped we were finished but he felt I needed a stronger lesson. Taking his belt off, he made me bend over the bed and strapped me very hard until I was crying and begging. How could it hurt so much?

But he had a nice side too, cuddling me in his arms afterwards he warned that he'd be keeping an eye on me. It felt very safe. And then he introduced me to other naughty pleasures I'd never even considered and that was lovely too…


Anonymous said...

Terrific post Emma Jane.

Kami Robertson said...

I loved the beginning. I had loads of fantasies starting in a similar way. Smart although slightly reckless girl finds a way to...boost up her mee existance. Uses her charms.
Only to find out that she runs of luck one day.
In my head it all gets much meaner and horrible for the poor girl, but I liked your ending too :)
Happy for you :)

Abel1234 said...

I so loved playing this scene - the mix of being mean but caring worked so well. And I love your write-up of it too; so lovely to have it as a reminder of our holiday xx