Tuesday, September 13

Up to Mischief!

Abel and I went on holiday recently. We had a lovely time and got up to lots of mischief. Of course some kinds of mischief can get a girl into trouble. Like when we visited a lovely walled garden, full of delicious fruit for any naughty girl to be tempted by.

I couldn't resist and got so distracted that I didn't hear the gardener enter. I was caught in the act, stealing his prized apples. I was so afraid I ran away, but didn't get very far. The gates were locked and despite my efforts I couldn't get over them!

The gardener was very annoyed and told me I was in for a sound spanking. Over his knee I went there and then, squealing loudly as his hard hand punished my poor bottom.

And aftwerwards he tied me to a post, my red bottom on show so that everyone could see exactly what happens to naughty little thieves!

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Abel1234 said...

I didn't get to comment on this at the time you posted, given my dodgy internet connection in the hotel I was in. But I loved this post - so nice to recall such a happy, funny, spontaneous scene xx