Saturday, October 3

La Belle Dame Sans Merci

Jessica posted yesterday about how she was in dommely mode last weekend and mused on her various role characters and how different they are. In particular she wrote about Juliet, the most sadistic of her characters, who's commonly seen as a bitch and wondered just what is so appealing about her.

Knowing Jessica the real person for several months now, I can understand why she wonders over her. Jessica is the complete opposite of Juliet, infinitely more likable, sweet and caring. The ultimate safe person to play with as a fellow sub/bottom or top, especially if you're a newbie.

Juliet is a completely different story, almost terrifying in her evilness. She just doesn't want to punish you, she openly gets off on your suffering. She wants to teach you a lesson so severe you'll never cross her again. Mercy is not a word she understands. And it's not that Juliet necessarily whacks any harder, she's just far more creative in what she does to you!

Like at HWMBO's party last weekend. Juliet made me stand on a chair in front of all the other girls, made me lift my skirt above my waist and doled out my first band of fire. Not to teach me a lesson, no. But to set an example to the newest girl in the group, about just how painful a strapping on the front, back and sides of the thighs is!

But it was at Haron's party the following day that I got my first proper taste of Juliet in full flow. Noticing I had misbehaved in some little way, she ordered me to her in front of the entire room of guests. In a tone that brooked no opposition she told me to take off my skirt and give it to her.

I didn't even think to disobey. She was in ultimate Juliet mode, terrifyingly hot in look and manner. I slowly took my skirt off and handed it to her. My blouse was next, until I stood in front of her clad only in my socks, knickers and bra. I was a disgrace to Lowewood and was not permitted the honour of wearing the uniform. With that scathing comment she banished me to the corner, where shame kept me company.

It wasn't long before distraction arrived in the form of fellow Byron housemate, Felicity. Giggling at the sight of me near naked in the corner, she started to spank me. Not a good idea, and in one sudden movement I had her pinned to the floor, where we wrestled until we were both painfully lifted off the floor by our hair and dragged up upstairs to be punished.

Felicity was defiant at first, I was much too scared to argue, apologising to Juliet immediately. She left us standing in the hallway, both in our underwear until she was ready to deal with us.

Once inside her room we had to lie face down on the bed while she whipped us with a series of implements. We were fast on the way to becoming very sorry girls. And all the while she teased and tormented us about how we were in her power and no-one could save us. That we were only lowly Byron girls, not worth bothering with really.

By the end of our session we were both completely subdued, thinking it could not get any worse. That our pain and humiliation was surely complete. But when she made us kneel on the bed, legs wide apar, I realised our humiliation was not at all complete. For Juliet knows well where a girl's real weakness is and soon had us crying in shame, as our bodies betrayed us to her caresses.

To finish she caned us hard across our thighs, 1 for Felicity as it was her first time to endure it, 3 for me. Unerringly accurate the cane fell exactly where she indicated it would, leaving 3 bright welts across my thighs. She finally dismissed us with the order for Felicity to report to Mr Shaftbotham and me to report to Rev Jenkins and explain how we had been dealt with and to ask for permission to re-join the party.

I blogged before how I find it more of a turn-on to submit to women. My natural instincts tell me not to. But when Jessica is Juliet I'm too scared to disobey, too excited deep down to not play along, and thinking about it incredulously afterwards to not want to do it again.

Not that I'd want to have Juliet around all the time, but every so often is just perfect. The rest of the time I want nice and fun Jessica to laugh and giggle with.


Rebecca said...

Sounds like a hot scene - and yes instincts are funny things :)

Scarlett De Winter said...

Oh it was quite awesome... I'm sorry that I spanked you though. I still have a *massive* bruise on my knee from where you pinned me down! She's very scary, and very hot. I think you've captured Juliet in one in the title, she really is La Belle Dame Sans Merci!


catherine said...

LOL how did I miss this? I had no idea this was going on! I must have been playing a different scene elsewhere, as I can't imagine I'd have been quite so unobservant otherwise!

Glad you enjoyed yourselves xxx

Paul said...

EmmaJane, I hadn't realised that was you.
I imagine for a sub Juliet could be both terrifying and breathlessly exciting.
An excellent post, thank you.
Warm hugs,

Jessica said...

I am glad you enjoyed it. When in Dom mode, my greatest pleasure is knowing that the person (or people) I am playing with are enjoying themselves in a kinky way - that for me, along with the power rush, is what does it for me. I think that as a 'mostly submissive', I already know what works for me - so when I twist it around - well - it works that way as well.

Anyway, you are a delightful person to abuse ;-) But you're right, we couldn't do it all the time!

Graham said...

Ooh, this was just shivery. Juliet sounds like somebody I'd like to meet... : )