Tuesday, October 13

Loving my lurkers!

The wonderful Bonnie, has once again organised a 'love our lurkers' day, the 4th one in what's become an annual event. I'm delighted to join in cos like most bloggers I love when people comment and I love getting to chat to new people.

But I'm even more excited to join in cos just this time last year I was a lonely lurker myself and had been for years. After seeing all the blogs encouraging readers to say hi, I finally started commenting. That turned into email chats and chats turned into real life spanking and playing. It really was that simple and I have no idea what I was afraid of for all those years!

So if you've been lurking around here please say hi today or tomorrow or even the next day :)

And as an extra little incentive, how about this. My next playdate is at the end of the month with HH. For every person who delurks for the first time on the blog (for any post) between now and then I'll take one stroke from HH. And if you nominate an implement in your comment, HH will use the top 3 implements suggested. there might even be a photo in it ;-)


Pedro Rutabago said...

Hi, my name is Pedro, and I'm a lurker.

I've liked canes ever since I was asked to try being a switch. We were new and out of form, but the tingling excitement through my legs during the post-spanking coitus was exquisite.

Please, HH, use the cane, and don't spare a thing.

Eliane said...

Oo, do I count as a delurker?!?! And I think a nice whack with the strap for me :-D

Paul said...

EmmaJane, I'm not a lurker, but given the chance, I'd go for the cane also.
Warm hugs,

Abel1234 said...

Do I class as a lurker?

Abel1234 said...

Nah. But I think I should comment anyway :-)

Abel1234 said...

PS cane, please, HH :-)

Abel1234 said...

Actually, now I think of it, I must get Haron to comment and add to your impending tally!

Haron said...

Oh no, what a cruel thing to do to a friend. :)

Hand, please, HH. Your hands are hard enough!

sandy said...

I haven't checked your blog in a while and I don't know if I've ever commented before. I do like the new layout. Very nice.

P.S. It should definitely be the cane.


Miss Jules said...

*stomps foot and pouts* I can barely resist the temptation to post as some anonymous guy and add to the spanking. :P Guess I am still too nice for that. Sigh. I vote for the cane as well, though, if that makes up for it.

Anonymous said...



Casey Morgan said...

Oh heavens, we really thought you had learned your lesson from the last time you invited readers to participate in your comeuppance. On second thought, maybe you did learn your lesson, which is why you are doing it again.

Your blog is awesome and I love reading it. My only complaint is that the full posts don't show up in my newsreader anymore, just the beginnings, and often I am not at liberty to click through to the blog itself. When I can read the full posts, though - yay!! Plus, then I get to admire Miss Jules's transformation of you in that cute sailor outfit. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Time for HH to use the Horrid Hairbrush I think ;-)



Hermione said...


I'm a regular visitor to your blog, and enjoy your posts.

I vote for the belt. LOL day is so much fun!


Stephen Lewis said...

Well this is becoming very addictive, being linked from blog to blog and finding each as fascinating as the last.

Well done for coming so far in such a short space of time.

Will leave the implement choice to HH's discretion *

*However if there's a Lochgelly Tawse lying around then it would be a shame to see it go to waste.

A.S.S. said...

We enjoy your blog and have left a comment before. Still want to wish you a Happy LOL Day and thank you for the time and effort you put into blogging. If it counts too, we'll thank you further by voting for a hand spank.

~Todd & Suzy

EmmaJane said...

Thanks so much for commenting, lovely to hear from you :) LOL is so much fun!

ps Ha, no Elaine and Abel, despite your best attempts only genuine delurkers count, so that's 8 so far!!


Scarlett De Winter said...

Hi, I'm Scarlett, I love your blog...


Seriously? Did that not work even a little bit?

Simon said...

Happy Lurkers Day.

Tawse or hairbrush I think.

Elizabeth said...

I love your blog! And I think HH should use the strap. Keep on writing!

kannakat said...

Dear Emmajane, it's a pleasure to come across an Irish bloggeress who writes as well as you do. I don't believe I've commented here before, but I do read it regularly.
Your delurkers are very mean - i vote for a wooolly mitten!
Good wishes from Kannakat

Anonymous said...

Dear Li'l EmmaJane, i'm glad to hear that you are well again. i can't remember if i ever left a comment before...but i do read it sometimes or else M/R tells me what's new!!
Your next playdate seems to be brewing up nicely - i'm into Domestic Discipline so i'm nominating a Wooden Spoon. (Just to stir it up a little!)
lots of love from

Ludwig said...

I first discovered this blog in July, during the "Fiona Locke Affair", and have been lurking occasionally since.

Your story, going from lurking to commenting to chatting / emailing to playing in real life, is an inspiring one and very fitting on this day.

I commented here once before, on the "I am not Fiona Locke" post, so I'm not a genuine, one hundred percent delurker. Pity! But this is my first comment since then, I believe.

May I say, nonetheless, that the cane would have been my implement of choice? *grins*

Master Retep said...

I'm not a delurker, so I suppose that I will just have to choose my own implement(s) and number after Abel is finished with you. I trust you won't mind me leaking the knowledge to your lurkers that you are every bit as entertaining and nice in real life as in your blog. Thanks for a great year of writing and living.

MecIrlandais said...

I am not new but been busy lately so no posting, just about getting the time to read the posts! So hi & chat soon!

I know this doesn't add to the stroke count!

Bonnie said...

Hi EmmaJane,

I think I've commented before, but I'd like to nominate HH's choice. He seems to be a man of class and refinement, so whatever he chooses will undoubtedly be top quality and provide maximum effectiveness.

In any case, I want to thank you for helping to make this our best LOL Day yet.


Rebecca said...

Happy LOL lovely - and happy sore bottom from HH to celebrate getting well again xx

Anonymous said...


I'm Becky, and a bit of a long-time lurker. I think I'll nominate the cane- have fun ;)


Anna said...

(Belatedly) delurking . . . hi!

After your delicious description of the birch, that's what I vote for

Anonymous said...

A bar of soap is the implement I suggest. Failing that, a thick pad of lined paper and several pens.

Caroline Grey said...

I couldn't not post. I'm so impressed by your continually offering up the safety of your bum to us psychos on the net that I just did the same!

Anonymous said...

Hello Emma Jane and thank you for a wonderful blog!

A Lurker xxx

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure I haven't commented on your blog before. I vote for something leather, like a nice stingy tawse. ;)


EmmaJane said...

Hi to everyone who delurked and thank you so much for reading :)

And cos I'm feeling generous (or stupid) I will take a stroke for every comment from you all, and the cane was the winning implement!

But don't worry HH always gives a hand spanking at some point and I doubt I'll make it through 48 hours without a strapping so you'll all get what you want!!