Sunday, October 25

Remembering the very first time!

Exactly a year a go today I got my first ever spanking in the scene, courtesy of my now good friend Topcat. Up until that point I hadn't been properly spanked in several years, not since the ending of a relationship with my semi-kinky boyfriend.

It's funny since then I've had much harder spankings, much more intense scenes and played with many more people, but I can remember every single detail of that spanking like it was this morning.

As I've mentioned before, I met Topcat on Spankfinder. I'd been on the site just over a month and had been talking to several interesting guys online, none of whom were in Ireland. With one person I had started an online relationship which involved a lot of self spanking and frustration on my part. It was never enough. Back then I was only beginning to realise that my pain threshold was quite high and self spankings were never going to do it for me.

So I was tremendously excited to realise that there were other kinksters in Ireland! When I started chatting to Topcat he very quickly introduced me to his partner Caroline, and her blog. We exchanged an unbelievable amount of emails in a very short space of time, both of us tripping over our words such was our haste to chat.

I bared my soul to her, asking countless questions about the scene. She was the wise old auntie advising and reassuring, even though she is actually younger than me. At the time she wrote two fantastic posts about our correspondence under the titles of Letters to a young spanko I and II. I'd urge you to read them, as she nicely sums up my initial fears of meeting and playing with strangers and her own thoughts about me playing with Topcat. Great advice for all newbies and not so newbies!

At the same time I was also chatting to Topcat about what my kink and what I wanted to do. One of his emails showed that he understood me so much that I was almost afraid to meet with him. He said he knew I needed a 'serious, humbling spanking' and that nothing else would do.

We were all very keen to meet up but they live on the other side of the country and their next visit to Dublin to attend Nimheach fell on the October bank holiday weekend and I was out of the country. However, fate intervened and they ended up staying an extra night in Dublin than planned and invited me to call over to their rented apartment for a cup of tea on my way back from the airport.

The whole journey from the airport to the city centre I was in a state of nervous excitement. Nervous and excited to meet them, but also nervous of what may or may not happen. While we hadn't talked about playing I both hoped and worried that it would happen. But what if it didn't? Or what if worse I couldn't take it? The weight of what I so desperately wanted and needed hung over me. It was a very big deal.

Making a quick pit stop in a nearby hotel I freshened up in the bathroom, even changing my knickers. Pink and blue with dice on them, I thought they were very appropriate!

Going into their apartment my heart was beating so fast I was sure they could hear it and as usual I over-compensated for my nerves by talking nineteen to the dozen. Caroline seemed to do the same and Topcat tried to get a word in here and there. Eventually we calmed down enough to start teasing and bratting and at one stage we ended up on the floor wrestling for the remote control.

On winning it, I promptly hid it from Topcat, denying that I had it. Once he discovered I had indeed hidden it he pronounced the words that sent shivers through me. "I think you need a spanking."

Retreating to my chair I processed the words, trying to figure out if it was a threat or an promise. When he placed a straight backed chair in the centre of the room and looked at me sternly I realised it wasn't just a threat and I was paralysed. I hadn't a clue what to do, both wanting what was coming and not wanting it either.

Caroline thinking my sudden silence was to do with her, promptly took herself off into the next room, but in my head I was begging her not to leave me. Topcat ordered me over his knee and when I hesitated threatened the hairbrush if I wasn't over it by the count of 3.

That served to make my legs work and I propelled myself to his side. I made to go over his knee but he stopped me, telling me to take my trousers down. I did so quickly before throwing myself over his lap, keenly feeling the humiliation.

Pulling me further across his knee until my legs left the floor, I felt very, very small and awfully exposed. Then his hand cracked down and I squeaked in surprise. Even over my knickers that had hurt. I didn't have time to savour the first smack as several more fell in quick succession. I grabbed the legs of the chair and tried not to squirm too much.

It wasn't long before he reached back and pulled my knickers down. I was suddenly very conscious of the fact I was bare bottomed over this guy's knee getting spanked. It was such a mind fuck. The spanking became inconsequential as my mind tried to process what was happening. Over and over I silently screamed "Oh my God I'm getting spanked, I'm actually getting spanked. I'm over his knee, with my trousers and knickers down and he is spanking me!"

At some point Caroline returned to the room and remarked that we looked like we could go on all night. And it was true, while the spanking stung it was quite bearable.

I was ordered to stand up and I did so, shyly adjusting my knickers. So that was it, my first spanking was over. A lil bit of me was disappointed. But before I could think about it fully I was told to fetch the hairbrush from the bag on the table.

It was a further humiliation to enjoy, hobbling across the room with my trousers down at my ankles, as I fetched the brush. It felt heavy and scary and the nerves came back again.

Once more I was settled across his knee and he tugged my knickers down without any ceremony. The first whack of the brush made me jump, no comparison to his hand at all. Having already got the measure of what I could take he laid them on fairly hard and gave me 20 in fairly quick succession. Despite my best efforts I was yelping and squirming across his lap praying he would soon stop. I had no time to over-think it, this bloody hurt.

Finally we were done and I was more ready to stop this time. We hugged and I thanked him very nicely for my spanking. Caroline laughed at me as I winced sitting down, but my bottom throbbed deliciously. Then we went back to having tea and biscuits as civilised as you like, as if I hadn't just been spanked. But despite my outward calmness I was as high as a kite.

When I got home that night I excitedly pulled my knickers down and examined my bottom in the mirror for ages. I had a beautiful set of bruises on both cheeks. No-one could deny that I had been spanked and I was in my element. I was already addicted and wanted more, more, more.


Master Retep said...

OK, that was also a good way of spending an extra hour, but I still want to see a Fleetwood Mac air guitar solo and there'll be penalty points for any mistakes. And we all know what points mean ....

Abel1234 said...

Such a lovely description of a girl's first time!

Happy spankoversary :-)

Paul said...

EmmaJane, what a lovely memory, thanks for sharing.
BTW I'm becoming quite the fan. :D
Warm hugs,

Casey Morgan said...

This was a very sweet portrait of you, Topcat, and Caroline. I love the juxtoposition of the experience itself, and the self-regarding mind: "I'm getting spanked, OMG! hahaha." I also love the effect of nerves you recount. In my experience, excessive talking is a very common expression of nerves, and in my own case laughing too. I can't tell you how many times casey worked RP into a lather by laughing at the wrong moment, just because she was so nervous. ha ha ha.
You've sure come a long way in a year, "Young Spanko". ;-)

TC said...

Your powers of recall are bloody astounding EmmaJane. I'm tickled pink that you found that first spanking so *ahem* memorable.

It's been a super year knowing you and hearing of your many fabulous adventures in spankoland. Glad to have helped in setting you on the path towards continual corrections.

God knows you need them all :)

Best regards always,

Rebecca said...

Aww that is really lovely - well done topcat and Caroline - and am so glad we ended up meeting too through your adventures too xx

Caroline Grey said...

Aw, hon! :) This makes me miss you more than ever!!!

Anonymous said...

lovely story..

PaulaK said...

EmmaJane, that's a brilliant post, you have captured the atmosphere of the occasion perfectly. The psychological gymnastics when you realise that it's finally happening must be familiar to anyone who remembers their "First Time" I certainly found it familiar. Keep up the good work.

(One of your former lurkers)

EmmaJane said...

Thanks for all the lovely comments guys and gals, I do hope to spend another happy year making trouble for/with you :)

@PaulaK, hey welcome to the blog! I shall count yours and anonymous's comment above in the Delurking caning tally!

MecIrlandais said...

Enjoyed that account, especially knowing the characters involved! One year gone & what a pace you have set!

Ross said...

Great account. I loved all the detail you managed to remember and set down.

smartred said...

Hello :) I've been backreading through your blog, having only happened upon it today. Lots of it resonates hugely for me - I suspect we have similar tastes in discipline, although I have a long way to go before I know for sure. I just had to drop you a comment on this post, because although the situation is different, your reaction to your first spanking is so similar to mine (which was yesterday!) The feeling of being high as a kite is still completely with me, and I'm definitely addicted! As you did, I ended up getting more than a hand spanking - apparently my immediate reaction to a hand was such that he moved straight onto a cane!

Anyway, thanks for sharing, your writing is wonderful, reading it one really feels in the moment. :)