Monday, October 26


A couple of weeks back I offered to help a friend out by reviewing a document she had written. I like being helpful and the document was of the type my real life persona would be very interested in reading, so it was no chore at all.

But as eager as I am to help out a friend I can be a bit of a procrastinator and weeks passed before she gave me a gentle reminder to look at it. So we agreed I needed a deadline which just so happened to fall today. And this morning she cheekily threatened to report me to Headmaster Higgins if I missed the deadline!

Well Headmaster Higgins is very scary at the best of times, but getting punished for real life misbehaviour is always way harder than for scene related crimes so I wasn't eager to get into trouble for that reason. Therefore this afternoon I duly sat myself down to do my assignment. To motivate myself further I decided to wear my new school skirt, acquired just yesterday. (It's a fabulous blue and black plaid one and I love it!)

So in full uniform, right down to regulation white knickers and a very tight collar I sat myself down and tried to focus on my task.Then shifted restlessly in my hard chair and tried once more. Until finally I put my head down and got to work.

Once I was done I sent it off to her, changed out of my uniform and then went out to play (well out for coffee with a friend!) completely carefree. I think that's the first time I've ever been happy to actually avoid a punishment!


Scarlett De Winter said...

Aww you look so *cute* ! You make a properly worn school uniform look kind of appealing, and you know how I feel about those!

Abel1234 said...

OMG those are lovely photos.

Now, I think we should all join in and send Emma Jane documents to review, so she has to take more photos like these!

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catherine said...

Surprised and amused by how easy it was to get you to meet your deadline - perhaps HH's name should be invoked more regularly!

Your homework was very well done - housepoints for EmmaJane and big thanks from me.

But trust you to get some pervery out of it ;)


Paul said...

EmmaJane,a schoolgirl after my own heart, and legal too. LOL.
Warm hugs,

Erik said...

Is that beautiful girl really you? LOL. More pictures please
Hug hug Erik

Rebecca said...

Awww you look so cute - am loving the new school skirt - where on earth do you find all of these things?! xx

EmmaJane said...

@Scarlett, hmmm maybe I can make you come over to the dark side ;-)

@Catherine, but of course, I am nothing if not a pervert first and foremost!1

@Rebecca, hee hee total impulse purchase at my local deapartment store. Does it make it even more perverse that I found it in the kids section ;-)

Jon Thorn said...

Emma Jane - what a wonderful uniform, you make the perfect schoolgirl.

Graham said...

Aww : ) Funnily enough, I have a similar task from a friend that I've long been procrastinating. Alas, he isn't kinky and I don't have any adorable school uniforms on hand. So, I'll probably procrastinate a little more.