Sunday, October 25

Time management

Just woken up and spent a few minutes wondering why the time on my phone is different to the time on my computer. Sleepily I figured it out, daylight saving and all that and the happy upshot is that I now have an extra hour to play around with.

So what to do with the hour?

I could and perhaps should, email all those people who I haven't got round to replying to over the past few weeks when I was sick and then working flat out at work to make up for being sick (it's a recession don't ya know!)

Or I could get ahead of myself and write some posts for Winterbrook. Although so far I haven't found it overly difficult, but I know it will get harder as the novelty wears off somewhat and ideas get scarcer. But right now my characters write themselves. One of them in particular just jumps off the page and I wouldn't dare try to edit her strong will!

The funniest thing I found about writing for it, and I think Eliane will agree, I got so caught up in writing their stories and were so into their characters that it became very hard to let them be spanked. Poor Jon Thorn had to have endless patience convincing us to allow our characters be punished at all, let alone perish the thought we would write an actual spanking ourselves. (Is that not the point of a kinky story blog I hear you ask?)

It did happen eventually though and now I'm over the trauma, I could probably do it again so perhaps with this extra hours I'll write another punishment scene.

Hmmm or I could take out all my kinky clothes and play dress up for upcoming playdates. That would be so much fun. I could put on one of my regency dresses and bloomers and pumps and waltz around the house pretending to be Lady Grace and ordering imaginary servants about. Maybe I could even go to the shops and confuse the poor tourists who are always in abundance around here.

Or I could take out my little porn library and read up on a few favorites. Except that might make me a lil bit excited and want to do other things. So maybe I should just let my mind wander and see where it goes. Yes, I should just give up on trying to do anything useful with this extra hour and have a nap, a naughty nap...


Abel1234 said...

"A naughty nap"?

Not sure I understand what you mean...

Master Retep said...

We've just found the perfect way to spend the extra hour, been practising my knots from yeterday's workshop. It led to all sorts of interesting developments, quite amazing how willingly submissive a woman can become when she can't go anywhere.

So I suppose all poor lil you can do is practice Fleetwood mac air guitar - ah well!