Monday, November 16

All in the preparation

Lord Fawcett's annual Regency House Party is merely days away and I am very excited! I'm also a little hassled as I finish my preparations for attending. Of course I only have to sort myself out so can only imagine what Jessica's stress levels are like as she sorts everything and everybody out, I am in awe!

My hassles are mainly cos I either can't find the stuff I did have or realising I don't have everything I should have. That's despite Bex and Jessica lending me all my dresses and the fact I've been shopping for months! I still had to run around town on Saturday buying last minute bits and pieces. Making my luggage even heavier, and my purse much, much lighter. But I couldn't resist one more pair of stockings, and two more hairpieces, and just another pair of gloves and a third pashmina...

Then there was the great shoe debacle where I couldn't find my shoes for my green ballgown. Two days, a trip home to raid the sister's wardrobe, an unsuccessful shopping trip and much cursing later I finally discovered them hidden in the back of my wardrobe. (Although Lord knows who put them there???!) Today's drama was over not having a big enough suitcase for all of the above. *SIGH*

Now, I only have a few outstanding chores to do. Some light sewing, just a few minor alterations to my dresses. Then there's deciding which of my hundred pairs of underwear I need to bring with me.

And lastly, but very importantly I have to brush up on the history and manners of the period. Lady Grace is not a blue stocking by any means but she must have some idea of the politics of her day. She did live in Ireland in very interesting times with the Act of Union and all that. Then there's the manners of the day to swot up on.

To this end I'll be studying a Brief Guide to the Regency that Jessica helpfully supplied. As well as watching Pride and Prejudice. The BBC drama version. You know, six hours of Colin Firth being all domly, mmmm. The lengths one must go to in the name of being prepared...


Rebecca said...

Heehee the getting ready is half the fun - I am just worrying about what I'll manage to forget this year - probably half of what I need knowing me! Four more sleeps though!!!

Ivo Serenthà said...

My compliments for your blog and pictures included,I encourage you to photoblog,

Even week another photo album

You and your friend have two beautiful asses,greetings from Italy,


Scarlett De Winter said...

I've already watched P&P and S&S and Vanity Fair and Emma as "Research" as well as having gone to rent appropriate books from the library, where I found myself wondering if Byron was a little racy for such company! I'm constantly seeing things I "need" to buy, it's going to bankrupt me! I cannot wait to pack!

Indy said...

Really, just watch Pride and Prejudice. Surely you make the rest of it up!