Saturday, November 14

Under the influence

I'm a very excitable girl, both in real life and kinky life. If you've met me you'll probably confirm that. Most of the time I'm all energy and sometimes that energy converts to mischief, either at work or out with vanilla friends or with my kinky friends. And if I'm playing I'll be even more hyper and energetic. But mostly this is all good. People invite me back to things so obviously they like me either for or in spite of this!

One thing I've very conscious of, after 10 years of being me, that my natural energy or hyperness can be seriously compounded by alcohol. After only a few glasses of wine I'll be dancing on the tables, doing an eight-hand reel, challenging everyone else to a shot drinking game, setting up an impromptu game of rugby etc. etc. And again, my vanilla friends mostly indulge me in these lapses of good behaviour. Some go as far to even encourage me, but that's another discussion.

Getting into to all the kinky parties and events I've been very careful not to consume too much alcohol at them. For a start it's not safe when playing with people you can't trust to be careful, like playing with strangers or clubs, or people you've never played with before.

But really I don't need the alcohol. I'm generally buzzing off the people and atmosphere around me and getting high on the play. I was always a little afraid of what might happen if I did have a lot of alcohol and was around this high energy group and then played as well. Would it be explosive?

Eliane's party last weekend for Graham the Girl (TM) was the test for me. As has been noted on other blogs it was a very fun and merry party and I was one of the most merry there (although Eliane was not far behind me!). In our defence, a weak one at that, we did start drinking ages before anyone else, and champagne goes straight to our heads!

Actually I was horrendously drunk at the party, to the point of not remembering much the next day. I know I had a great time. I know I danced in my underwear, I also know that I was not the only one and suspect I was the ringleader in this. I know I had lots of long and rambling conversations with the girls, that there was lots of girly cuddling and such and I know that I played a few scenes.

The scary thing was having to be reminded what those scenes were. Conversations with Eliane and Graham went something like this:

'I spilled your vintage champagne Elaine? Oh well, if you will leave it in my way.'

'I had 35 cane strokes? Really? From who? Oh Jessica and Abel? Together, one for each cheek? That must have been a great scene? Oh it was...'

'I was counting out the strokes very disrespectfully to Abel ? One your highness, one your ladyship? Ha that must have been hilarious. Oh, it was? Hmmm wish I'd been there...'

'Jessica broke the 14 euro (actually 17!) kitchen implement while whacking someone?' Oh wow, poor bottom, who's was it? Oh mine? Right, that must have hurt!'

'Someone tried to whack another girl with the broken implement? And had to be ordered to put it down before she hurt someone? Silly girl, who was that? Oh me, again...'

'I spilled your vintage champagne Elaine? Another glass? Oh still going on about it, get over it, accidents will happen!'
And the more that these incidences that were recounted to me, the more my shame grew. Oh whatever about being drunk and making everyone else dance in their undies, or not remembering plans that were made for the next day, or giving senseless advice to a poor darling that hardly needed it or even having a little weep cos I was too drunk, sure I can live with all of that. But not remembering some amazing and hot scenes, that's unforgivable.


Indy said...

Indeed it is, young lady! You have an obligation to your readers who weren't there!

Seriously, sounds like a lovely time, and I do hope you were sober enough to enjoy the vintage champagne when it came out!

Spanking Catharsis said...

Hi hun.
I'm really glad you had a great time even though you cant remember it. but please dont drink and drive.

I was on a jury for a case of drunkmdriving and drunk driving causing death. Poor kid drove after a few beers and slammed into a light pole, killing his girlfriend. I was foreman so I had to deliver the guilty verdict.

EmmaJane said...

@Indy I shall try to always but my readers first ;)

@Spanking Catharsis I really hope you're not implying that I did drink and drive or indeed that any of the people at the party did, because that would make me very angry.

The post is about alcohol, spanking and kinky parties, not the dangers of drink driving. I could write a very serious post from my own personal experience about how drink driving can destroy a family. However, as this is a spanking blog I refrain from talking about such things on here and will leave it at that. But please do not make assumptions about me or my friends.

catherine said...

@SpankingCatharsis: Erm... I'm sure that was a horrible experience for you, SC, and must have been far worse for the kid who killed his girlfriend; but that's a pretty random comment! Emma Jane didn't mention driving in her post, and she certainly didn't drive home from the party, so what's with the public service announcement?!

cath, confused

catherine said...

Oops - sorry Em, must have been posting at the same moment!


Master Retep said...

If Em drove home from the party, she would have been flying a 737, and I'm totally confident she would never be that irresponsible.

However, if over-indulgence deprives the rest of us of an insightful, detail filled, nuance decorated blog, that's another matter alltogether. Just make sure it doesn't turn into a habit.

Paul said...

EmmaJane, sounds like a great party, try and remember some more details, if you can't remember, make up some. WEG!!!
Warm hugs,

Graham said...

I have to say, watching that caning was really funny. And watching the breaking-of-the-spoon. And yes, lest anyone question who was responsible for the wanton removal of clothing... you started it!!!

Hmm, looks like I actually remember pretty much everything : )

It was an awesome time, and you were fabulous!

Eliane said...

I am so getting you for that last comment, just so you know!!

But yes, you were fabulous, despite your butt breaking my spoon.

Julie said...

Methinks a certain young lady should be spanked again for not being able to remember the scene. :P
I'm glad you apparently had a fabulous time though, dear.

Jessica said...

Umm....I don't think there's a single person in our gang of mates who at some point has not been 'tired and emotional' and felt silly afterwards/not remembered a scene/wept/been sick/fallen over/all of previous (although none of us would *ever* drink and drive!) so really honey, don't worry about it, just see it as a right of passage. I famously once leapt onto our coffee table, smacked my head on the light and then demolished a drinks table whilst falling off at one of my parties - so it's fine!

Next time though, we will make you remember the scenes - otherwise, it's a bit of a waste!

Jess xx

Zille Defeu said...

I am so, so sorry I missed that party!

But I am now *really* looking forward to one I will be at with you in the not too distant future! (Drinking or no!) :D

Scarlett De Winter said...

I know what you mean... I tend to get very carried away on a combination of alcohol and atmosphere, which somehow in a vanilla setting is fine because it doesn't seem like you're trying to get attention/get whacked, but when you're in that context it can look like a bit for attention or whateves. Anyway, I think you're an utterly charming drunk, it was hillarious, you added to, not detracted from the party my lovely. Oh and the drunken advice went both ways, I was burbling too! I am still however struggling to work out why anyone would think you'd go and get in a car after that? a) you're not a moron b) I'd have been shocked if you'd have been able to work out how to get the key in the ignition!

Spanking Catharsis said...

I apologise for overreacting and generally being a clueless boob.

Glad you had a great time though :)

EmmaJane said...

@Spanking Catharis Thanks :)

Caroline Grey said...

I SO wish I'd been at that party! You're adorable, drunk or sober.

I've been "that girl" too many times and recently have put a bit of a pause on myself because it's no fun having to be told about things afterwards, whether they are embarrassing or brilliant!