Monday, January 11

Getting my mojo back!

As I blogged last week, I felt my kinky mojo to be AWOL and hoped a weekend with HH would restore it. Although I carefully eased myself into it, making sure I was on my best behaviour on the trip home from the airport. (Being acutely aware of the ebony haribrush on the back seat!)

And the next morning I was allowed to sleep in for a nice long time and once I was up and awake, (without the aid of a tawse thankfully!) we decided to play a gentle scene. A morning spanking to start the day and ease me back into playing.

So over his knee I went and out came a selection of implements. HH, being very aware of my current lack of mojo, was careful enough not to use anything too horrid (like a hairbrush) and nor did he administer anything too hard. But even so I couldn't get into it. I lay there as still as a stone barely breathing with very anti-kinky thoughts swirling around in my head: 'This isn't fun...I don't like this at really hurts...why am I doing this?'

HH being the observant kind soon realised it wasn't working for me and and pulled me up for a big hug. That's when the tears started. Tears of worry that I wasn't kinky anymore. Frustration at not feeling like me and at wasting such precious play time. After all the battles of sleep and snow to get there in the first place!

We chatted for a while and agreed not push it. Although I did ask him to discipline me if I needed it. This felt like a very safe compromise and about as much kink as I could handle. Behave in a civilised grown-up manner and there'd be no punishment. Act like a brat or be horrid and rude then take the consequences. At least the threat of punishment hanging over me was bearable, a good sign in itself, helped no doubt by my ability to be in complete control.

Out we went for a walk in a nearby park. It was a glorious day, bright and clear with powdery snow everywhere. Kids were out on their sledges and I wished I'd brought a tray to play with myself. It was lovely big park with nice trees and hills and a river almost completely frozen. We enjoyed a leisurely walk and chatted about this and that. It was nice and relaxed and so peaceful.

Well EJ the brat just couldn't cope with all this properness. She just had to have her voice heard. The snow was too plentiful, the opportunities for mischief too great. How could she not come out to play?

At first it was just a snowball on his coat and then another on his head. A few warning swats across her trousers reminded her, despite the fact they were in a public park, she wouldn't get let off.

But it was not until later, as they stood under a great big tree discussing the possibilities of the stump as a spanking bench, that EJ really struck. Reaching up on her tiptoes she shook the branch above them as hard as she could and delivered a shower of snow all over HH!

She laughed so hard, even though she was covered in as much snow as he. And despite her pleas she had suffered just as much as he, a proper spanking was promised.

Taking her by her wrist he led her to a suitable bench. Over his knee she went, trousers and panties down to her knees and endured a very sharp spanking on her cold bottom. Made even colder by HH scooping up the snow and letting it melt over her. She yelped and pleaded and said she was sorry over and over. And it hurt, so bad. But at least the thoughts in her head were more familiar: 'oh please let him stop, why was I so silly? I wish I hadn't done it!'

She was very sore and sorry by the time he was done and very eager to pull up her panties although she knew better and waited for permission. But no, he wasn't done with her yet. He led her over to a snow covered stone...

...and made her sit down on it!

Her poor bottom soon went from very hot and sore, to very cold and sore! She wriggled and pleaded to be let up as the snow started to burn. Finally permission was granted...

A very subdued and sorry brat she was indeed, but a very happy and relieved Emma Jane ;)


Master Retep said...

So naughty girls have s-no balls.

Paul said...

EJ, I told that your mojo would return, I'm happy to read that it has.
Warm hugs,

Caroline Grey said...

Man, you guys and your outdoor play! I am impresed and mortified in equal measure. :) I'm glad to hear you're feeling more like yourself, honey.

Kami Robertson said...

Jesus Christ! I'm freezing... o_o

a) cruel
b) cruel
c) cruel

Did I mention that was cruel?????

Henry Higgins said...


No, no.

Condign. Deserved.


Jessica said...

I told you it would come back ;-)

You just have to be patient!

Abel1234 said...

Grrr, pictures of snow. Hate snow.

Like pictures of girls being punished in snow, mind! Glad the park inspired, and welcome back mojo!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos...especially the one of you sitting on your bare, well-smacked bottom in the snow! That is delightful!!!!


Curly's Deals said...

I am enjoying your blog. I would love it if you could send me a sexy pic of you for my blog. I would be sure to include a link to your blog in the post.