Monday, February 1


It really filled me with great joy that today was the 1st of February. I've always loved February; truly my favorite month of the year. For one it's the month of my birthday. And I've always been made to feel special, or insisted that I was made special this month because of it.

It's also the month with a day devoted entirely to celebrating love, even if it is getting cornier every year!

But the best thing about February is the feeling of re-awakening. Officially the first month of Spring and regrowth. Even if it is still shockingly cold, the evenings are getting brighter. And there's the promise of flowers popping up and leaves adorning the trees once more.

And even more noticeable is the hum of life and purpose. People are coming out of their January cocoons. Escaping from the fasting post-Christmas. Shaking off the January blues and looking forward to the year ahead. Revitalised.

I'm no different, gradually feeling energised at work again, wanting to be out of the house, motivated to achieve those New Year ambitions. I can feel my kinky mojo stirring too. As I've blogged, my lack of kink and reluctance to play has been of some angst to me. And I've found Patrick Kavanagh's poem Advent, wonderfully apt in understanding how I have found myself here. These lines resonate in particular:

'We have tested and tasted too much lover,
Through a chink too wide comes in no wonder'

He speaks beautifully of how we must serve some form of penance or denial to be able to enjoy the things that once gave us great wonder and pleasure. The need to cleanse our palette with 'dry black bread' so we can taste again.

In the past year I have had a veritable feast of kinky delight. Throwing myself into it with the ferocity of a starving man afraid of where his next meal will come from. I've gorged myself on intelligent kinky conversation, amazing roleplay and adrenalin racing pain. I've revelled in new friendships and embraced the freedom to be kinky. And I've been consumed by my blogs and the online world.

So perhaps it's not quite so surprising that since the Christmas break I've found it hard to get going again. Stuffed with kink, spoiled with all I enjoyed. Secure that it wasn't going to vanish into thin air, that I could pull back and it wouldn't be taken away from me.

But now I feel I've fasted enough. I'm getting hungry again. My mojo is stirring and I'm looking forward to playing again properly. I'm re-awakened.


Jessica said...

Then let the games commence! Given that we are practically birthday twins, let's get on and enjoy ourselves!

Roger said...

Hi Emma,

That puts it so well - it's quite re-assuring. Maybe my mojo needed a rest as well, but it had better come back quick as I need it by Saturday! lol

Master Retep said...

Touche, that's one of YOUR best posts. Happy St. Brigid's day (and another Piscean to add to my collection).

EmmaJane said...

@Jessica, yes indeed bring it on ;-)

@Roger, I hope it comes back too but I'm sure you'll still enjoy your weekend

@Master Retep, thanks, but both Jessica and I are Aquarians :)

Eliane said...

Glad you are re-awakened! I despise February, mostly because it IS still in the depths of winter, but maybe you can change my mind.

Master Retep said...

All right then, your not Piscean, but I was close.

Destructicon said...

Yay for Mojo back!!

This morning was also good here in the mid east! Got woken up extra early for work and a quick round of kinky fun! (its been about a month since any shenannegins - a little break of our own!)

Anyway, no hijacking, but CONGRATS again....

I'm going to msg Jessica to give you and extra special spanking - long distance from Dubai!

Sound Punishment said...

A great month is February.... it's my birthday month as well.

It is a pity you don't film young Emma, I would love to expand your kinkiness. It was a joy to spank you at Nimneach last March :)

Paul said...


Spring is sprung,

the grass is riz,

I wonder where the boidies is.

They say the boid is on the wing.

But that's absoid.

The wing is on the boid.

Ogden Nash

One of my favourite poems,
which epitomizes spring for me.

I hope that February is as good as you hope.
Nice post.
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

Bon appetit!! xx--bandree

Anonymous said...

Sigh, February is my least favourite month - it's cold, miserable, I'm exhausted after recovering over Christmas and Easter and the May bank holidays seem too far away. And the boy interest has gone back. The sales are over so you can't buy something riiculous reduced by 75% to cheer you up and the stores are suddenly filled with bikinis and floaty summer dresses it's too cold to wear. I don't mind Jan as normally I'm pretty energised from resting over Christmas but feb is awful - I just want to cocoon til mid-March :-(

Abel1234 said...

Welcome back, mojo :-)

I've always mentally pictured the months of the year as rather like a clock face, with the summer at the top (the peak, the best bits of the year) and December and January right down at the bottom. So for me, the year gets into a real downward swing from September onwards (rescued from gloom only by the fact that December equals the festive season).

January's about the lowest point of all - Christmas, my birthday and the new year are behind us; work starts to get busy (and there's a whole year of it ahead to contemplate and plan); it's dark and dreary - a horrible month!

February is the point on the dial at which things start to pick up. Slowly, admittedly, and we're still near the low points - but with definite signs that things are beginning to head back into the right direction :-)