Wednesday, July 21


I find comfort in knowing the consequences of my actions. Most of the time I deal with real-life/grown-up consequences. Late to work = playing catch up all day. Drinking on a school night = hell as I have to get through the same workload but with a hangover. Making an error at work = a bollocking that can make me feel I'm useless. Spending all my money on flights = less new knickers.

But that's the grown-up world. In TTWD consequences are defined between my play partners and me, built up over time. There's the playful consequences like teasing or gentle bratting that earn light-hearted spankings. Or when the nasty side of my character comes out and there's real life issues to be dealt with then there's more serious consequences. (As both Abel and HH administer so very efficiently and effectively!)

As I've written on here many times, discipline is one of my core kinks. And discipline for me is not just about being punished for every misdemeanour. It's about wanting to behave, to be praised for being a good girl and not actually wanting to be in trouble. Being good, but all the while knowing the consequences of not being so. Whether they be a reproving look or word or a whipping.

Very often it's enough just to be reminded of those consequences. It can really help restore my equilibrium, especially when I'm grumpy or irrational, just to remind me I'm out of line.

And it can help me do things that are for my own good, but aren't always easy to do. I set off on my vanilla holidays tomorrow with the aim of switching off completely. I need to. From work, the double life, the stress. That means no work emails, no constant twitter and kinky email checking and no blog reading. Nothing that will be to the detriment of my precious time with my closest vanilla friends.

But it helps knowing that I have to face HH next weekend. Will have to report back on whether I did switch off or not. Will have to take the consequences if I don't. And as bizarre as it sounds I find that very comforting.


Rebecca said...

Have a lovely holiday girlie xx

Abel1234 said...

I love it when you share what works for you and why. As a succinct explanation of the power of r/l discipline, it's really fascinating and powerful.

Punishing you for r/l things isn't easy - I know I'm thrashing *you* not some scene character. I love you, and hurting you is hard (and I know that may sound perverse from a top). But doing so is just as intense and important for me - knowing that our relationship is so close that we trust each other absolutely when it comes to dealing with things that need to be dealt with.


Eliane said...

I know what you mean about consequences and discipline. As you know my kink is very similar in that respect.

I hope this time though, that knowing the consequences has been enough and that you have had a wonderful weekend away, that you did switch off, and that you had no kinky catching up at all!