Monday, May 31

I need a spanking

For various reasons I am not in good form. I'm stressed and cranky and out of sorts. I don't feel like I'm in control and I don't feel like playing by the rules at the minute.

I need a spanking. A good girl, reassuring, OTK spanking. One where I'll feel small and vulnerable. Where I'll cry just a little bit and get lots of hugs afterwards. And then I'll feel all better and safe.

Right now those spankings and hugs seem very far away. Even though I know that I'll certainly get at least one when I visit HH this weekend.

So it made me feel partly better to find a lil present from Abel in my mailbox today. A ruler with my name on it and a little note reminding me to behave or face the consequences. Not as good as an actual spanking, but gave me a nice tingly feeling all the same.


Anonymous said...

I can relate. You've put into words very well the same feelings many others, including I, have experienced. Hope you get a nice emotional release!

Indy said...

I hope you get exactly that kind of spanking soon, sweetie. And maybe one the next day that makes you so relaxed you think your body will remain jelly for a week. (But it doesn't)


Abel1234 said...

I was *so* pleased when I saw that ruler with your name on. I do hope you've put it somewhere prominent - e.g. on your desk at work - as a reminder of the need to be a good girl?

Eliane said...

Hope you get a nice, lovely spanking this weekend. And the ruler sounds VERY cool!

Master Retep said...

The ruler actually sounds quite HOT.

EmmaJane said...

Just been translating what's written on the ruler (it's in French). Anyway it says that Emma is defined by her courage, ambition, independence, determination and potency. And that she is indestructible. So bring it on Abel. Ha, ha!