Wednesday, May 5

New term at Lowewood

Hmmm so I've been busy goading Graham into posting every day in May and yet we have come to day 8 and I have not a post myself. (As the young lady herself is not shy in pointing out!)

That's not from lack of ideas - I have many things I want to blog about - but have had little time online to do so. Sometimes I wish I could hide away with just my laptop and blog to my heart's content. But that's not going to happen anytime soon so I shall snatch a few moments now and give you an update on my third term at Lowewood where my school girl alter ego Caoilfhionn Ni Bradaigh was back amongst her delightful fellow school mates Jessica, Beth, Rebecca, Sylvie, Jemima, Felicity and new girl Holly.

After being bottom of the school the first two terms Caoilfhionn was determined this should not happen again. This inspired in no small way by the sharp talking to her guardian gave her the night before. She was to be a paragon of virtue, a shining light of goodness. In such a mindset she arrived and enlisted fellow Byron house mate Felicity in a vow of obedience for the pride and honour of Byron.

Assembly started off with the usual rousing school hymn and then to Caoilfhionn's utter amusement her partner-in-crime Jemima was announced as Head Girl. That girl's astonishment at the realisation she would have to behave or get double punishment was priceless.

Despite such excellent intentions to behave, by the time assembly was over both Caoilfhionn and Felicity were already signed up to detention after lessons for eating sweets and giggling repeatedly. Caoilfhionn had also lost 15 house points - 5 each for her hair not tied back, wearing red shoes and wearing red sunglasses, which did cause a bit of a sensation!

Still, both girls tried very hard afterwards and proved successful. Caoilfhionn managing to get points in every class and excelling in both History and Latin! At the end of the day how proud was Mr Edmunds, Head of Byron House, to have not only Caolifhionn coming second in the school but Felicity actually topping it and winning the Father Smith Cup for all round performance in the bargain!

All in all it was a great school school term. One of the funniest moments being when Caoilfhionn, having repeatedly being told that her skirt was so short it might as well have been a belt, decided to actually swap it for a belt and see if anyone noticed. It must be pointed out Mr Shaftbotham only noticed when she turned around and he saw the belt buckle.

After trying to explain herself to him, things got a whole lot worse when she was informed it was her turn to report for private detention with one of the teachers. In this case Rev Jenkins. Her crime it later transpired was standing on the lawns at Trinity College clearly flouting the 'Keep off the grass' sign. Her denials came to nothing as he produced the photographic evidence. But how hard it was to keep a straight face when at first sight of her she was ordered to pull her skirt down - having to tell him it wasn't a skirt but a belt was priceless. Almost worth the searing 12 strokes of the heavy strap he duly delivered!


Anonymous said...

Caoilfhionn sounds like lots of fun. :) Seeing Mr Shaftbotham's and Rev Jenkins' expressions with the whole skirt vs. belt issue must have been fantastic. I suppose since I wasn't the one to receive the strap, I'm not in the place to judge whether it was worth it, but it most certainly seems that it was.


Catherine said...

Yay, sounds like a fun day - and great to see you back online too. Big hugs - and see you soon xxx

Graham said...

Yay! What an excellent way to respond to my nagging : )

The belt-skirt: Genius. Well done, It's-Keelin-Sir. Now I can't wait to hear how Jemima fared as Head Girl!

Paul said...

EJ/Caoilfhionn, nice to see you posting again.
A taste of Lowewood, great, thanks.
Warm hugs,

Eliane said...

Caoilfhionn's reaction to being called to detention with Rev J wearing only a belt was one of the most hilarious things I have seen in a LONG TIME!

Abel1234 said...

The only shame was that the belt in question, whilst wide, was far too lightweight to use to thrash you with...

Now, why has it only just occurred to me that I should have taken off my own belt to deal with you, rather than the strap I actually used?