Sunday, May 16

A little bit more grown up

It is in the annals of Nimhneach (or it would be if there was such a thing!) that I always wear a school uniform to that great event.

So last night turning up in a distinctly non-school girl outfit, in fact wearing what could be described as a very grown up outfit, was a big deal!

There were many reasons for this change to the norm. The presence of my delightful twin Catherine and the absence of my schoolgirl kindred spirit Caroline Grey.

After a delightful day of shopping and last minute adjustments to outfits the below result was achieved. A black and white theme all in (by the end of the night I was black and white and red all over!) with a white camisole and knickers under a black corset, black seamed stockings and a black net skirt with dangerously high heels.

I will honestly admit that I was utterly thrilled with myself and tottered around Nimhneach feeling very grown up indeed. My twin was just as fabulously resplendent in an emerald green corset, suspenders and bustle skirt and I like to think we turned a few heads in the club.

Between this new air of grown-up-ness and the restrictiveness of the corset I was not my usual over-the-top hyper self or as my friend Martha so aptly puts it 'a firefly on speed'. But this wasn't a bad thing at all and I has just as much fun as normal.

Much of the early part of the evening was spent in chatter, making new friends and greeting old ones. Not only had I the pleasure of my twin Catherine visiting, but also MecIralndais was back from exile and was his school boy self. Bandree's supply of chocolates and sweeties went down ever so well that I almost felt sorrry for her when she was punished for trying to indulge in other, non-chocolcate vices!

It was a much more gradual start to the night than usual and early on I didn't feel up to playing. But when my good friend Bad Shepherd appeared to take us twins in hand, it started a series of very painful, but fun experiences for the rest of the night.

Catherine and I were taken up on stage, bent over side by side and duly whipped whilst half the club looked on. First a flogger, a teasing introduction gradually building into pain. Then an evil (TRULY EVIL) wooden shoe horn that made me dance on the spot, before Mrs Hurty ( a cruel dressage whip, wife to the sadly demised Mr Hurty) was produced. This horrid implement left several vivid welts on my thighs and all in all this meant a fab start to the evening.

My next misadventure was with the London Tanner. We'd met at the last Nimhneach where I'd had two spankings - while not mild they hadn't been the worst in the world either. So I figured now we were no longer new to each other, things would get a lot worse. And how right I was!

The OTK warm up spanking was pleasant. But the razor strop that followed was an ordeal. A lovely implement - when he chose to wield it moderately it was almost enjoyable - unfortunately such strokes were few and far between and I was dropping out of position with the fierce strokes. As for the slipper, that requires a whole blog post to itself! Let's just say the whole scene was very painful and I might think twice about openly bratting and admitting my various naughtiness to him in the future!

After a brief respite I went into another scene with Master Retep. He took me to the spiderweb made of chain and tied me hands above my head facing those club goers who were queuing for the bar. Even though we were at a fetish club with all like-minded people I was actually verging on shamed to be on display like this. Usually when playing at Nimhneach I'm facing away from the audience, and I squirmed to have to face the onlookers enjoyed my discomfort. Especially as MR was using a hooped rattan paddle that had a vicious sting to it.

After another strapping late in the evening from the London Tanner, taken jointly with my twin, I felt sore and played out. Happy to observe the rest of the night. But I couldn't resist asking Topcat for a spanking.

The first of my scene playmates we haven't played as much lately. Yet there was something reassuring about being put over his knee - he's a big guy and my feet were clear off the ground making me feel small and vulnerable. His pre-spanking chat (he was quoting Earnest Hemmingway!) given while I was squirming in position made me quite headspacey and I wasn't at all brave to the hard hand spanking that followed. A very lovely spanking and reconnection.

So thus passed another Nimhneach. One where I was a little bit more grown up and sedate but had just as much fun. Given that it was the 5th year in existence, huge kudos must go to the hardworking team who keep it going and make it the safe and fun place it is. The club and the people who attend mean so much to me and I am so thankful to have it. Happy Birthday Nimhneach!


Eliane said...

Glad you and the twin had such a lovely time, and your outfits sound stunning!

Abel1234 said...

So glad you two had a lovely time :-)

It was so lovely when I had to wake up for work so early - and with a time difference - this morning to get a text from you two going to bed at exactly the moment I was waking up to get ready to go out for work! Really made me smile at the start of the day :-) although it really made me wish I wasn't several 000 miles away.

Hands up who thinks Catherine should be made to write up her views of her first Nimhneach on some accommodating blog or other?!

EmmaJane said...

@Abel1234 She can certainly do it here :)

Master Retep said...

Here's one hand up to hear from Catherine. I also enjoyed the spider web. It is a lovely artwork in its own right, and this was its first appearance at Nimhneach. We have been assured that it will now be a regular, so that was a good birthday present. I was well aware of the public exhibition element, and that such is not your normal style. It also enabled me to be aware of any audience reaction without having to look away from what I was doing. Add in the bonus that a queue for a bar is something of a captive audience for my captive victim, and we couldn't lose really. Thanks for being up for trying something new, and the grown up, slim waisted, dark haired look really suits you.

Graham said...

Second what Eliane said about the stunning look, and I also wouldn't mind reading Catherine's tale!

Now, while you do look very grown up (by which I mean sexy) ... can next Nimhneach be a Schoolgirl Night? : )

Anonymous said...

You both looked gorgeous! And some of that play was very heavy indeed - i saw your knees buckle many times and then you bravely came back up for more.
But WHAT was the quote from Ernest Hemingway, for goodness sake? i can't remember that gloomy author saying anything at all about spanking...
A brilliant night, and a nice post too.

EmmaJane said...

@MasterRetep, yes think the Spiderweb is a very good addition.

@Grahma, don't worry, fully assumed that you'd want to be a school girl. Caroline and I will kit you out in the colours of St. Francis!

@Bandree, Thanks missy. I can't remember exactly what he said, something about 'the only thing that counts' and that 'he'd make sure this would count'. Seemed appropriate at the time :)

Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

Hey, love the colourful descriptions of what sure sounds like a fun night. Thanks

TC said...

Great descriptive posts of a super fun night at the best club ever there Emma-Jane. It was a pleasure to see Master Retep, bandree and MecIrlandais also in fine form.

You and Catherine looked ultra urbane and sophisticated in your grown-up gear. Both of ye were a credit to your various guardians and learning institutions and you took your discipline like two very well brought-up young ladies. I caught the tail end of your London Tanner slippering and it even made me grimace! And I'm very glad we had that 'reconnection'. Thanks. The only thing missing in the night was poor dear Caroline who was 'sulking' at home. Roll on June and the end of year school break-up for the holidays. With two Miss Greys and one irrepressible Miss Woodhouse in the Academy, there's bound to be plenty of trouble afoot. Frank

Anonymous said...

My hand is up Able that miss Catherine should certainly write a full account of her weekend adventures.

Caroline Grey said...

You looked HOT in that corset. Now I want a corset! I'm going to go sulk about that...

just kidding! It was great to be able to come here and read about everything I missed--told by a girl, because they know all the important details. :)