Tuesday, May 18

It's all about me!

I told you that in my very first post, that it was 'all about me'. I wonder how many of you read it? The post I wrote starting out, when I was nervous and unure about my blogging capabilites, my commitment, my doubts that anyone would read it, let alone comment.

"Well there's really enough information about me in the side bar, including '10 things you should know about me'. Do let me know if there's anything else you want to know and I might be kind and respond.

What I really mean is that this blog is all about me; selfishly so. I'll only blog when I feel like it; so no daily update I'm afraid. In particular you'll hear from me when I'm trying to make sense of something that's wandering around my head: a common occurrence since I embraced this kinky life.

No doubt there'll be feasts and famines as the mood takes me. Hopefully there'll be some posts of interest to you, but I forsee just as many that are just for me.

If you stick around, I hope it's worth your while!"

While I wouldn't agree with everything in this post now, one thing has certainly come to pass: On here 'it's all about me'. Yet it's also about your comments too, your voice on here. And while I can be awfully remiss at responding to comments and sometimes woefully inadequate at this blogging lark I am very glad I started it and love to hear what you think.

And getting to think about the blog, and what I've shared so far, I got to wondering of all the things I've written about what stood out for you the most? What post really struck a chord, or made you laugh, or wince, or want to beat me, or maybe want to hug me, or even want to run away and not read anymore at all.

Please share, I'd love to know. What part of 'me' on here resonated the most? Indulge me, it's my blogaversary ;)


Indy said...

Aw, I'm too tired to think of an answer to your question, but I do want to wish you a Happy Blogaversary! You're such a presence in the blogging world, I thought it was at least your third one, but I guess not, lol.

Haron said...

Happy blogerversary, honey! Your blog has been a constant source of joy for me throughout the last year.

The part of you that most resonates with me is the offline part :)

Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

Hey Emma Jane, happy blogiversary. Now is this some trick to try to get out of your obligatory blogiversary spanking, young lady? I certainly hope not!

Can't say I've read enough to be able to pick out a favourite post or theme but I did like the description you gave of your former self in a recent post as "a firefly on speed".

Actually I think your statement that it's all about you is perhaps a little disingenuous. If it was really all about you, you wouldn't need to post it on a public blog, you'd just keep a private journal.

Maybe what it really is all about, is that you want to know what others think about what you say about yourself. That's not quite the same thing. Or at least I think it isn't.

Graham said...

How tempted I am to go sing your praises on my own blog (in need as I am for material), but as it's your blogiversary I guess I'll let it be all about you ; )

It's been so illuminating for me, as a newbie / outsider, to read about your epiphanies and experiences. Your posts have an honesty and clarity that's rare for ye ol' internet, and us novices have a lot to learn from you!

Your post last month, "Beating back the demons," blew my mind in a way that I was never able to communicate. And I still can't exactly say whatever it is I mean to say, so I'll just let it go at that -- mindblowing.

I absolutely cannot wait to come see you this summer!

EmmaJane said...

Thank you lovely peeps,

@Indy hope you pop by again to tell me your answer!

@Haron Yes knowing you onffline is infintely lovelier than online :)

@karl Ha ha, I love that discription too!

@Graham, that post seems to reasonate with a few people and yet it was written without much thought - perhaps they are my best posts, feeling my way so to speak. Cna't wait to have you over here too!!!

Spanking Catharsis said...

First of all, happy blogaversary. This is what I get for being seven time zones behind you and the rest of your readership!

i would say for me the best part is teh attention to detail that you put into your stories.

Eliane said...

Happy Blogaversary! I'm not sure that out of all your wonderful writing, I could pick something specific, it all means a lot to me. Of course what means most to me is you in person!

Caroline Grey said...

I'm chickening out as well--I can't think which post is my favourite. I love all the different sides of you I get to see on this blog. I especially like when you're a little vulnerable--it's a beautiful contrast to the fireball that you are most of the time.


Master Retep said...

You wrote "Just Like a Woman" almost a year ago, the year during which I have got to know you, both on-line and on-earth. Either you were very perceptive a year ago or you've been sticking to a game plan. In hindsight, Dylan could have been singing about you, the you that you've been in the intervening year. Please keep on writing and being friends and being funny and being sad and being hyper and being cautious and being you.

EmmaJane said...

@Caroline thank you missy, I too like to read the more vulnerable posts - they're the ones that get to me the most. No hiding here.

@Eliane, right back at you!

@SC - I try very hard with the detail, as much to have a history of it it for myself

@Retep, That has always been one of my favourite songs - and thanks for the encouragement, amongst this group I truly feel I'm really being true to me.

Abel1234 said...

A slightly belated happy blogaversary! You know, one of the things I love most about 'A Painful Awakening' is that it isn't just "all about" you - you've shared so much about the scene more generally, as you've explored it, that the blog never feels self-centred or self-serving. Love and hugs xx

Henry Higgins said...

And even more belated congratulations from me! My excuse is that I'm travelling many time zones away, and the Internet gets a little tenuous out here.

I can't pick a favourite post. But what I most enjoy about your blog is that it's about feelings: how they start, how they shift, how they're affected by spankings. I love to see you when you're vulnerable, and to read afterwards how it felt. Bouncy, cheery, grouchy, smackable, huggable EmmaJane :-).