Saturday, May 23


Kami Robertson posted on her blog recently about a scene she played that culminated as follows: "(he) was strapping my legs, my whole body was shaking and my mind was flying". At the time of reading it, I was slightly envious at being able to get to such a place.

I'm a headspace player and the deeper I get into headspace the more the scene works for me. Pain is not my thing, it's a by-product of what I do, so I wondered would I ever fly?

Shortly after that I got my answer.

At our monthly BDSM club I generally play a lot, usually with a few regular play partners. Most often we play CP or OTK scenes but occasionally I like to play more BDSM style; being restrained and flogged.

My friend C had long been promising to flog me, but we never seemed to get around to it. Finally an opportunity came when we were both free and ready to play. With much excitement, and some trepidation, I followed him to the frame and allowed him to prepare me for what was to come.

My arms were cuffed above my head, legs spread apart, skirt up and head bowed forward. He started by holding me taut with his hand across my mouth: telling me what he was going to do to me; how much it was going to hurt; that I wasn't going anywhere; how much I deserved it. All the time speaking softly; getting into my head.

When he started it was slow and soft; sweeping the flogger across my front, back, bottom, thighs, and around my legs. I held my breath waiting for it to intensify, testing the restraints, tying to second guess his movements - to no avail.

He continually altered the rhythm: high then low, soft then hard, quick then slow and then bursts of hard and quick. After absorbing the first hard lashes I began to relax into it. I strained forward with my arms stretched taut behind me, legs spread apart, body perfectly still, head bowed, not moving a muscle.

As the flogging got more intense everything faded out: the people, the music, the restraints. I was soaring away from the scene, riding the pain and watching myself from afar. I was flying; it was amazing.

Eventually he brought me back down, talking to me again and making me count the last 10 excruciatingly hard lashes. And afterwards he held me as I overflowed with the adrenalin of it all.


Kami Robertson said...

I think you were flying pretty nicely yesterday evening too :)

EmmaJane said...

Indeed and in no small way due to my partner in crime ;) One of the most intense scenes I've ever done!

Can't wait to play with you again, pest :-P

Kami Robertson said...

Yep, pest is taking proper care about her poor, chastised bum to recover and be able to get into trouble with you some more LOL
Not that pest has any control whether she will find herself in trouble or not ;)