Friday, May 22

Getting your kink on

Those of us not in relationships, or living with our spanking partners, don't have the pleasure of playing whenever we feel like it (cue violins!). We have our fun too, but it usually turns out to be of the organised variety. We make play dates with our friends and perhaps attend spanking parties or BDSM clubs. There's no room for spontaneity, especially when your play partners are all over the place.

This isn't a complaint just a simple fact, but it leads me to my point, when a play date is on the horizon I have to get my kink on!

Partly it's because I don't want to let the other person (or people) down by not being in the mood to play. And greedily, I don't want to miss out on the opportunity either. Still being relatively new to the scene, the memories of a non-spanking existence are way too close.

But also because, so far, the pure escapism of what we do always makes me feel better. Whether it's a fun roleplay with friends or an intense emotional scene, everything floats away and I'm reinvigorated.

So no matter what's going on with my vanilla world or my internal psyche or how little sleep I've had, or how many drinks the night before, I just get my kink on and go for it: it hasn't disappointed me yet.


Eliane said...

Yay - here's to getting your kink on!

MecIrlandais said...

So do you expect there may come a time where you show up for a fixed meeting not realy in the mood & struggle to get into it?

I've had this problem as someone who has had to arrange meetings for weeks in advance not knowing of course what form one will be in & how prepared one is for play!

EmmaJane said...

Hey Mec, I hope not, but it's not something I can predict in advance. All I can say is so far, no matter what state I'm in, I can always get in the mood.

Of course if I was in a mental state not condusive to safe or sane play then I'd hope that I'd pull out. But tiredness, crankines and hangovers are not good enough reasons ;)