Monday, November 29

To Darlings we are sent...

There is just so much to say about Finishing School that it will take several blog posts, so this is just a teaser. The introspection and analysis comes later. For now I'm just going to give you a taster of what came to pass.

It all begins with the wonderful world of Twitter and a conversation between a few girls (one of which was me) and Lucy of Northern Spanking, on which she half joked about hosting a finishing school and we all thought it was a fantastic idea and begged to be allowed attend.

A few months later cue 10 girls heading to Scotland to Darlings Academy under the care of Mrs Darling (aka Lucy) and Miss Hammond-Grant (aka Amy Hunter.) The scene is thus set. Some of the action unfolds as follows:

I wait nervously at the airport to be picked up, along with three others until we are met by Miss Hammond-Grant, who cuts a terrifying figure in her smart clothes and her strict voice. Having never met Amy before I am shocked that we go straight into role. She announces Parker our driver and we trail about 5 metres behind them along the airport out to the bus, all shocked into silence.

Once safely on the bus Caoilfhionn and Jemima find their voice and keep up a  monologue of questions, singing and giggling the whole hour long journey to the academy, torturing both their escort and Parker as we go. It's not until after dinner that night when we relax out of role briefly that Amy finally tells us Parker wasn't a kinkster at all, but a regular hired bus driver. Eliane and I don't quite get over the mortification of this the entire weekend!

Admittance to the Academy (a spectacular castle) is dramatic. We wait in the cold night as the bolts are slowly and noisily drawn back and then Mrs Darling herself bades us enter. Once shown into the Drawing room to be inducted to the school rules we collapse into nervous giggles. We are, as was the desired effect, completely unnerved.

The only lesson of the evening is Grooming and all 10 girls listen in raptures as Mrs Darling and Miss Hammond Grant demonstrate make-up and hair techniques, genuinely wanting to learn. The next morning I try to bouff my hair and although some unkind girl (Tombola) says I look like Elvis, it makes my day when Miss Hammond-Grant compliments me on my efforts.

The day starts with Assembly and we are taught the school song and sing it with enthusiasm! My room mate Catherine Thomas is pronounced as head girl, a role she carries out perfectly, leading all the way, and very much a girl to be looked up to. She was also very capable of mischief, although generally of the more subtle variety.

Caoilfhionn genuinely tries hard to be good, but mischief is never too far away! And along with Alexandra, Tombola and Jemima is soon vying for the worst placed pupil award!

Her first prank pantygate as it is christened in discovered in the first assembly. All dressed in our matching uniforms we are meant to be wearing suitable ladylike underwear. However, some advanced plotting (aided by Abel no less!) means we are all wearing matching Little Miss Trouble knickers. A scheme of which our teachers have already found out about! We are all bent over and soundly lectured and spanked for breaking the rules. However it's just the warm up to the day that's needed and we all visibly relax.

Lessons are devoted to preparing for a Gala evening of entertainment for our bachelors. My class prepare songs to sing as well as flower arrangements to decorate the rooms. We also learn to prepare cocktails for cocktail hour. Whilst there was much spanking and mischief in our first music lesson, we are concentrating too hard in the second for anyone to get spanked at all!

Flower arranging also passes by, almost without incident. On a trip outside to collect foliage, Caoilfhionn is egged on by Cate to jump on the snow covered trampoline. It's tremendous fun until Mrs Darling catches her and spanks her in the snow. She is also given a stern lecture about fool hardiness that evening which reduces her to tears (more on this later).

That evening the girls have 15 mins to dress for the visiting gentlemen, in their prettiest dress. Each is assigned to escort a gentleman to his rooms and show him around the castle. Mrs Darling has impressed on us the seriousness of not letting her down and every girl tries hard to be the perfect hostess whilst we also prepare and serve dinner. Only Tombola can't contain herself and is the first to be in trouble at the dinner table.

Caoilfhionn conspires again, this time with the Head Girl no less, to serve the gentlemen their after dinner coffees with 'willy' shaped mints on the side. Our heads are not impressed, and poor Tombola is at first accused. I soon own up and my protests that I thought they were plain after eights are ignored, with a scathing put down from Mrs Darling.

I'm sentenced to a caning in front of all assembled and to my horror both heads stand either side of me with a cane each. What follows is the most painful of the punishments meted out to me, a double caning form either side, 12 agonising strokes delivered at a blistering pace. I still have the 12 clear lines on my bottom.

If they were angry at my part in this prank, the involvement of our Head Girl is an outrage and she is given twice the punishment, 24 hard strokes delivered at the same speed.

The next day as we washed up over breakfast the thought struck me that we might be expected to know the school song off by heart. The head girl suggests we learn it off and one of my best memories of the weekend is singing it over and over with the other girls as we attended to our duties, delighted that we'd escape that punishment at least

Morning assembly, however brings punishments for nearly all girls for various misdeeds of the night before. (Mine is for tweeting after lights out!) Although Caoilfhioon is very sore, courtesy of the canings and several spankings by the gentleman the night before, and resolves to stay out of trouble it's a short lived hope.

The sexual etiquette lesson is a fountain of knowledge for the girls and several of us take detailed notes. I carefully noted, as instructed by Mrs Darling that I should not monopolise conversations during dates. However my real shame comes when I am ordered to demonstrate the furniture top dancing that I listed as a special skill on my application form! In front of the school and the gentlemen I have to dance on a stool, aided by Jemina and the girls singing the Trinian's theme. As I topple off my stool I am caught by Miss Hammond Grant and neatly out across her knee for a very sound spanking.

The snow interrupts my last lesson and I miss final assembly but am told on the way out that Caoilfhionn came bottom. Considering the antics of Alexandra, Tombola and Jemima this is quite a feat and although Caoilfhionn has the decency to be a bit ashamed I am almost proud!

There is so much more I could say, however the other girls must tell their own stories. I will be posting again about how deeply I went in role, and why I think the weekend worked so well for me.

But massive thanks go to Lucy and Amy for their ambitions and attention to detail that resulted in such a fabulous weekend. Having never met either of them before we easily fell into role with each other and  they both embraced, and let Caoilfhionn flourish.

All the other girls and tutors were also wonderful and added so much to the weekend too. And although, as with all incredible roleplay weekends like this and the Regency House Party, I and several of the other girls have been crashing terribly today, but it's certainly been worth it!


Abel1234 said...

This is lovely - portrays the fun and the painful interludes so nicely. I can so picture you at certain points of your account :-)

Amazed you could write about it so coherently and wonderfully late on your first day back in the real-world!

Hugs xxx

Indy said...

Oh dear, how did they know about Pantygate? DId Abel tweet about it too soon or something? I do love the way he gets in on the naughty planning for these weekend events. I know I'll need his help to come up with ideas when I attend one. ;-)

Can't wait to hear more.

Oh, and congrats on coming bottom. I'm sure that Tombola would have been stiff competition for that honor if she weren't so good with an iron.

catherine said...

It was such a fun weekend - one of the best ever - and only marred by the fact that you guys had to leave so early and suddenly because of the snow. I miss having a Caiolfhionn-shaped hot water bottle in my bed!

And OMG that caning was painful - for once it really felt like a proper punishment, as did my severe hand-tawsing in assembly.

Big hugs, hope you don't drop too far, and look forward to hopefully seeing you very soon :-)


Haron said...

An excellent account, lovely girl. Caoilfhionn dancing on the furniture in front of the class was just hilarious; you really threw yourself into it! Also, greatly enhanced by the theme music Jemima chose to provide. :)

Pandora Blake said...

OMG, I hadn't heard about the dancing on the furniture! Even sorrier I missed the sexual etiquette class now :)

Wish you could have ended the weekend with the rest of us, but so very glad you were there. I think you should take being granted the bottom position in the class as an honour and a compliment to your entertaining and creative naughtiness. I can only watch and learn! (I'm not sure that's quite what I should have been learning, but never mind...)

Abel1234 said...

@Indy - ref panties (hold on - kinckers!)... loved being able to get involved in that small, indirect way! But I'm pretty discreet and certainly didn't "tweet about it too soon" - I was actually a bit taken aback to find that someone (don't know who) hadn't keep the secret, not that I hear that it particularly mattered!

Kaelah said...

Thanks for your beautiful and funny description of what must have been a wonderful adventure! And congratulations on coming bottom! ;-)

Rebecca said...

Sounds like you girls had a totally awesome time! Hope the crash isn't too too awful xx

Eliane said...

Argh, I'm still blushing about Parker. That particular mortification might live with me for a while.
Such a fabulous weekend, and so lovely that Caoilfhionn and Jemima got to spend it together!