Thursday, March 11


Will it be a sound spanking with his 'oh so hard' hand?

Or will it be a belt taken off slowly and deliberately to be applied swiftly?

Or perhaps a short, sharp caning, painting lines across my bottom?

Will I have been naughty? Or bratty? Or mean? Or will it be just because I needed it?

Will I be me, or a schoolgirl, or a prisoner, or a reformatory inmate?

Will I cry out? Will there be tears? Will there be marks?

Just a few hours until I find out. My senses tingle in anticipation...


Paul said...

EmmaJane, whichever it is, I hope that it meets your desire.
Warm hugs,

catherine said...

LOL if it's Abel you're talking about, shouldn't that be his "oh-so-hard" hand? He does like his hyphens, you know... :)

Hope you have a lovely weekend


Graham said...

@ catherine: But, compound modifiers need to be hyphenated! That is all. *backs slowly, geekily away*

catherine said...

@Graham geek ;) But I'm really commenting on Abel's overuse of the exaggerated compound modifier. Most of us would just mention that a top's hand is hard. But that's not good enough for Abel, whose hand isn't just hard, it's "oh-so-hard" *every* time. (Sorry. Rant over.)


Graham said...

@ catherine: Sounds like somebody has an oh-so-high opinion of his hand!

Abel1234 said...

Oh-so-true, Graham!